Wednesday, May 13, 2009


THE FUCK. The Wings played with the passion of a lonely, jilted housewife last night, and quite frankly it was disgusting, and yet not surprising. Shameful. Just a shameful waste of talent.

Perhaps I'll have more later, but if I continue to be infected with the general apathy of this team, not sure I'll have the motivation. They sure as fuck don't seem to give a shit. Just surprised I didn't see anyone on the bench with their cell phones booking tee times for Saturday afternoon. At least that would have given them something to do because they sure as hell weren't playing hockey.

Oh and Bitchman put the cap in place to encourage parity. No need. Just sprinkle the Detroit Red Wings attitude around and there's your parity. By far the most talented team in the league and yet they play as though this was the opening game of their local beer league.


Ok so I had some time to let this settle. I engaged in some road rage and I sincerely feel sorry for my coworkers and the bitchy ass mood they will have to put up with for the rest of the day. But I just wanted to add one more thing.

As I have already said above, I 100% blame the Wings for the loss. Their overall play was embarrassing, and they should take a long look in the mirror today and remember you have to work for what you want, or I guess decide if you do in fact really want to win the Stanley Cup. Their fans are rooting for them, and they let us all down. Plain and simple. Now Thursday is game 7, and I wish I could say I had a better feeling. But I really don't. All season long they've teased us and toyed with us occasionally allowing a glimpse of their massive talent shine through. And then they would fall back to their typical piss poor performance for the first 50 minutes.

But while the Wings have no one but themselves to blame for this atrocity, I think it is important to point out once again, the double standard employed by the refs as well as the complete and utter classlessness of the Anaheim Ducks.

As a Red Wings fan I've hated the Ducks for longer than I can remember. Over the years, I've called them disgusting and vial things. Their overall thuggery never surprised me but always promised to piss me off. And then last night happened. They won. While they should have been celebrating with their teammates the fact that they outworked the Wings and lived to see Thursday, they instead decided to take their boorish and inexcusable behavior to another level. It takes a lot to shock me when it comes to the Ducks, but they did....

Getzlaf once again went after a Wings player, not known for his fighting abilities, after the whistle blew. (I guess this is their new reformed sense of control. Wait to inappropriately attack the other team until after the final whistle so you don't incur a penalty during the game?) For some reason only known to that tool he decided to jump Hossa. What kind of cockhead do you have to be to jump a player obviously not interested in fighting? ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU WON.

And it really only gets worse from there. Perry went after Rafalski as well. On a normal day, I would say wow little Fairy Perry you're so big and tough, what a strong man you are going after the shortest player on the ice. That kind of manliness is rarely seen now a days.....but last night, I began to wonder if he was Gary Roberts and Claude Lemiuex's illegitimate love child with the way he attacked a player with a known injury his first game back. Gary would be proud Perry.....It was painful to watch. Rafalski wasn't even sure if he was going to play last night, and Perry jeopardized his recovery, and possibly health with his shameful actions. If I was an Anaheim fan, I would be very disappointment in my team.

But finally, the greatest act of cowardliness comes from their ageing captain. Neidermayer. The one person on the team aside from Hiller who was supposed to have some semblance of class. But he demonstrated last night that a team follows their leaders. After the whistle blew in all his greatness he elbowed Datsyuk in the head. Head over to Kuklas Korner to see the video. I'm far to disgusted to have to find it myself and post it. Neidermayer had this to say:

“There was a lot going on, I don’t know how it all started. The next thing you know my gloves are off. That doesn’t happen too often. I didn’t even know who it was at first. I took a couple of punches to the face. I guess after a couple, I figured I’d try a couple.”

Alright ass hole, go watch the tape, what came first the chicken or the this case it was your elbow. Now I know when you are consistently surrounded by less intelligent people, that can certainly rub off on you. But I still feel as though he should be capable of distinguishing between his elbow and fist.

Really it was just a disgusting display of what the NHL has become. Poor officiating influencing games, and general thuggery openly allowed. Hockey is not a mainstream sport. Partly because people don't understand the rules and penalties. For the most part anyone can sit down and watch a basketball or football game and pick up on the general flow and regulations. Not in hockey. Do you think the NFL or NBA would put up with this shit....especially from the teams leaders?

Niedermayer you are an absolute waste of space and your legacy as a spineless cocksucker will live on. Congratulations you piece of shit.

And finally Ken Campbell of Hockey News had this to say after he finished creaming his panties over the Ducks:

NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell will have some video to watch after Scott Niedermayer elbowed [Pavel] Datsyuk in the final seconds of the game, which led to a fight between the two at the buzzer. But given the fact a precedent has been set allowing players to cold-cock unsuspecting opponents in the face in this year's playoff tournament, don't count on anything coming down.


  1. I really hope that some desperate unemployed auto worker who lost his job to someone in Anaheim has had enough after the after whistle antics last night and sets up a sniper rifle atop the buildings next to The Joe.

    Hint to the sniper: Aim for #15, #10 and #27.


  2. "Collie" Campbell is a putz.

  3. Dude...Greatest sum up of that one game I have read anywhere. I could not of wrote it better if I wrote it myself. I hate the Wings losing but sometimes I can take it a little better when I can say "hey they played hard, but the other team was just a touch better". But not in this case, it makes me want to vomit when watching these panzies get bitch slapped around like 5 white guys in a pick up game of basketball in Compton. They keep getting punched, slapped around ,and otherwise man handled and yet they do nothing. I am embarassed for them, This team of men. They better show the fuck up come tomorrow or those tee times come reality the fucking bitches...