Thursday, May 7, 2009

2009 Western Conference Semi-Finals Game 4

Ducks lead 2-1

Ha! As if you needed to be reminded. It's here, an epic game. Dare I say a season defining moment for the Wings. One not meant for the weak of heart or stomach. I'm trying to be positive here. I think yesterday I spewed enough negative energy to last a lifetime. So I'm trying to move on....and just hoping that the Wings can put it all behind them, harness their frustration, and use the energy to hunt some duck.

In my initial angry post following game three, I said if Carlyle complained about anything he was absolutely bat shit crazy....well apparently he has been spending far too much time getting high off of Chris Prongers ass fumes because he did in fact have the audacity to complain about the Wings play....From Snapshots the sniveling little bitch had this to say:

"What would you think if you were doubled over and gasping for air and someone gives you an elbow in the side of the head. How would you feel,'' Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said.

Wow petitioning the league much? Homer said he didn't even know Wisniewski was there:

"That's not the way I play. I was fighting for position, and unfortunately I don't have eyes in my back. I didn't know he was behind me. I had two guys on my back, and unfortunately I didn't see him."

In all honesty it could have been a two minute penalty at the most.....but in this league that doesn't really mean much. I just hope Colin Campbell for once does not bend to the gamesmanship of a bitter bitter man.

"There was a lot of that going on," Niedermayer said. "It's playoff hockey, I guess. I don't think it's legal, but is it out of the norm? I don't know. Everybody is definitely responsible for what they're doing out there. You make decisions about how you're going to act and carry yourself."

You know I don't agree with this crazy eyed old bastard very much, but he's right....the Ducks are absolutely responsible for their behavior and at some point it has to catch up with them. It's now time for the Wings to be responsible for their game and their behavior. They need to listen to their captain and keep it simple. Employ their strategies from round one and stop trying to compete with the Ducks on their level. The Wings are too far above it.

Are you not annoyed with Carlyle enough yet...after bitching about the Homer hit, he had this to say about the Christmas in May present he received on Thursday. God, talk about being ungrateful....

"If you look at where the referee was positioned, he was behind the net but then the puck came to Scott Niedermayer and (Watson) moved to the corner, away from the net, and we turned it over and (Johan) Franzen threw it back into the crease and (Watson) deemed the puck was frozen,'' Carlyle said. "What's getting lost in this is if he deems it should be frozen, even if he doesn't blow the whistle, the play is dead. We got a break.''

I think that comment alone should make the Wings want to man up, balls to the wall. They should now be prepared to rip off the head of every duck and tinkle down their necks.......and I don't mean that in the typical physical way, but I do mean by embarrassing them at home, with one goal after another. I would settle for a Franzen, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hossa, and Helm show....we all deserve that right?

"When I got up this morning, I usually bounce back pretty good (but) I was still bitter this morning,'' Babcock said. "I have a hard time with the fact that when you get two and they get two how the game's still not going on.''

Babcock's ready, he's still pissed and angry and ready for some old fashion Red Wing's vengeance. The kind that includes tight defense, a career defining performance by one Chris Osgood, and showcasing the offensive powerhouse that is the Detroit Red Wings.

Ok, so for the most part I have tried to be positive, but I can't quite get over this kick to the Chiclets, Rafalski and Draper are still both out...I know shocking right. I've got absolutely nothing....I'm speechless, about that and the fact that Babcock refuses to mix up the lines...oh well, who am I to question greatness....I guess he's just as stubborn as well this, or him, whatever:

And finally, a few pictures. Something about this picture just makes me ready for tonight. Never have I seen the winning team start a scrum after the game is done. At this point it's just fucking hilarious. Well that and the fact that after Getzlaf goes after Zetterberg, punches and cross check's him....Hank is still able to get a pretty good punch in with his helmet completely covering his face. I'll ignore the fact that the good ole' Canadian and the evil dirty Swede both have their gloves on...

Just the little bitch look on Getzlaf's face screams "but Swedes are supposed to Dive and not fight back....Carlyle, you promised, fix it!" And yes I think despite the fact that we are told he is not a girl, I think he would still use an exclamation mark with that sentence...that's how he rolls.

And finally, a caption this, in the immortal words of one Michael Scott "Me and my posse guys will bring our A game."

Side note: blah...I'm well aware positivity doesn't suite me and I'm afraid it may throw the earth off it's axis, so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon. Right now, I am just completely fucking stressed and can't think straight....honestly, I'm terrified that they could lose this game.

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  1. I'm terrified too. Your last sentence sums it up perfectly.

    What's normal in the playoffs? Certainly not me.

    Ugh, too many hours until faceoff.