Friday, May 8, 2009

A Broken Kopecky

Oh crap.

Apparently Kopecky's fight with Beauchemin wasn't only ill timed and a possible momentum swing for the Ducks, but it also left him with a pretty nasty injury. Most people, like George over at Snapshots, are calling it an undisclosed head injury. But apparently since his face has swollen to the size of Ovechkin's ego, it may be safe to assume he fractured or broke a bone. Either way he will be out for Sunday's game 5.

Not sure what the hell is going on with the Wings bad luck during fights. Apparently there is a good reason, they are always last in the league for this category.

So now Draper, Rafalski, and Kopecky will miss Sunday's game. Yeah I'm well aware you already expected Draper and Rafalski were going to be out, but I felt like saying it anyway.

All these injuries are pretty brutal and really started to add up for the Wings. And it sucks that in a way, this one was self inflicted. Although I'm sure Kopecky feels worse than anyone else. The good's not like he was walking on water to save the Wings and lead them to their 12th cup; there are players who can take his place.

And who will that be? Why Michigan State's own Abdelkader. During my years at State he was always a dynamic player to watch, and my sister said he had a pretty good run in the playoffs for the Griffins. Apparently Babcock thinks he will "run the crap out of people." I was going to say knock them on their pussies and make them cry for their mommy...but to each his own. Essentially the same idea.

Too bad about Kopecky though. I would have preferred to see Malbty scratched and Kopecky in with Abdelkader. And what a fucking crazy name, at some point I'll spell it wrong, I can hardly pronounce it, so just be prepared for when that happens...k?

Enjoy your Saturday. Sit in the sun, relax, spend time with your family and friends. The Mom's in your life, celebrate them...because on Sunday, Wings fans will be absolute drooling messed up pieces of stress. Many people are saying the winner of game 5 will win the series and likely the Stanley Cup. I don't like predictions because I can't even win on slot machines, so I'll just say obviously Sunday's game is a big fucking deal


  1. Abdelkader is a big dude and he plays physical. Should be a good trade and you might be surprised that Coke&Pepsi isn't missed all that much after Abbadabbadoo gets settled in.

  2. Oh and a note to Coke&Pepsi.......



  3. Yeah, too bad 'bout CokeandPepsi. It was the right thing to do but at the wrong time to do it. He took out Beauchemin for five minutes of last eight minutes of the third. If he did that in the clinching game with the Wings ahead, I would have endless respects for him.

    Get well soon, CokeandPepsi.