Monday, May 4, 2009


I've been trying to roll with these fucking punches all day....trying to keep a positive attitude, and really trying not to attack the next person who asks me what happened to the Wings. Trust me that last one is much harder than it sounds.

Just when I thought I was making some head way, the Chief found this...

Kenny Holland, on the Fan 590, just said Brian Rafalski and Kris Draper both made the trip to the hockey hotbed of Anaheim. He doesn’t expect Rafalski to play tomorrow night but does anticipate him in the lineup at some point this series.

Damn, I'm freaking out here at work like a menopausal women....My palms are sweaty, the hot flashes and cold sweats are present, and well my temper is far worse than normal...which is scary enough on it's own. The only other hockey fan in the office is showing sympathy as I bang my head on my desk....sigh....

I just hope that this time Babcock realizes it's not worth putting Chelios in....I'm too shocked and scared to fully rationalize this, but maybe Meech, or a kid from Grand Rapids (Kindl maybe???)...they have to at least be able to play more than Chelio's 6 minutes, and keep up with the game, right? And poor Lebda must be cursing the day he was born knowing he may be stuck with Chelios again....and I thought I was banging my head hard.


  1. As you said....if you had any balls that would be a kick right sqaure on 'em.

    Consider mine kicked.


  2. This one hurt badly. I just hope Babcock wakes up and realizes Chelios is not an option in game 3....

  3. I was afraid of this. Ugh. I feel very sick.