Friday, May 1, 2009

Horrible Horrible News

Helene St. James is reporting that Rafalski is out and........yes it's true Chelios is in. It's ok, grown men can cry, take a minute and let that set in. Feel the fear?? We have depth in our forwards but not in our defensemen. Fucking Chelios..........dammit, dammit. Oh that's right, doesn't Babcock know this is the playoffs and the Wings are playing the Ducks, they don't have time to mess around with this shit. It's not the regular season anymore. Isn't there a janitor or usher at the Joe they could put in the line up instead....

I know it's mean, but Chelios has been a liability all order to combat that, see the defensive pairings below:


I have been lamenting over and over how important it will be for Zetterberg and Lidstroms lines to shut Getzlaf down...and now they're forced to move Ericsson up there. God may strike me down for saying this, but while Ericsson has been great, he's still a rookie and his positioning needs some work. So now Lidstrom will be worried about the Ducks top line AND making up for any Ericsson mistakes. But what was Babcock's choice, Lebda must play with Chelios because his speed is needed to compensate, well for everything about Chelios....

And ready for worse news, Rafalski is day to day, no news, no promise of him playing soon....Like a paper cut to the ball sack...

This first game was so important to win, to set the tone. The panic is setting in and my confidence is gone....can you be sent home from work for crying under your desk?

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