Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dammit, no no no no!

UPDATE: From Matt at On The Wings, via Helene St James:

Datsyuk is out with a sore foot caused by a shot he blocked in Tuesday's game. He's listed as day to day. Not good, not good at all. And today officially fucking sucks. Babcock had this to say:

"I sure hope so. He's day-to-day."

I sure hope so as well. This sure is a kick to the poonanny....No more, I can't even discuss it at this point....


Seriously if he's hurt I'm going to throw a bitch fit temper tantrum the size of Ken Hitchcock. I can't take this shit.

Oh, you'd like to know what the hell I'm talking about....well according to Helene St. James, Datsyuk didn't practice today. She had this to say:

He's the only regular missing. Ville Leino is a part of the regulars' practice group instead.

I'll update here as soon as I know more. It's not unusual for players to sit out practices during the playoffs, but usually not when there are two days between practices and when the entire team just had yesterday off.
The combos are

Leino-Draper-Maltby (with Abdelkader also subbing in)

Yep, I almost chewed my nails to the bone figuring out reasons as to why he would miss practice here's what I've come up with:

1. He is currently hunting for hockey virgins to steal a vial of their blood in hopes it will break the curse he's under.

2. Draper decided it would be "funny" to convince him today is actual Wednesday so he still thinks he has a day off.

3. He's hiding out in the locker room trying to steal, Mule, Cleary, or Samuelsson's extra gear in order to have their scoring touch rub off on him. Zetterberg will be sufficiently concerned when he finds Datsyuk in the corner sniffing said gear.

4. Babcock is forcing him to watch video after video of his highlight reel goals in hopes that it will push him out of his slump.

5. He was confused by the expression "snakebit" and is actually at the doctors office attempting to have them find a snake on his person.

6. Or hopefully, the most viable option, he's taking a mental breather.

Alright baby Jesus, I will take any one of those options...But him being hurt, and unable to play...yeah not something I'm mentally prepared to handle.

So he's in a scoring slump, I don't care. He's too valuable to be out. With Kane and Toews split up it's even more important to have Dangle Dangle's defensive shut down abilities.

I refuse to believe he's hurt and will chose to focus on the side of caution, it's probably a mental breather. But secretly, I will be a nervous wreck until I see him out on the ice in game three. No one puts Dangle Dangle in the corner....


  1. I'm already leaking out of every orifice just at the thought of Datsyuk NOT being available for Game Three.

  2. SYF that's pretty fucked up dude.

  3. LMAO! That's friggin' stress for you, man.

    I'm not thrilled with this news about Datsyuk.