Friday, May 1, 2009

The devirginization of Hiller has commenced

Less than a minute left, and the captain scores, again, 3-2 Wings.

All I can say is damn that game was stressful...this is round 2 right...feels more like the finals with this cluster fuck match up. Exactly what I was expecting from the Anahyman Dicks....absolute and complete classlessness from pregame to post game coaches interviews. My friends asked my why I have so much hate for the ducks....well please just watch below, words can't describe it.

Of course there has been talk from the Ducks and their fans that it was a clean hit. Carlyle had the balls to say in his post game interview that it was just physical hockey and that's how the game was played. I don't care if that was an elbow, a shoulder, or a high stick. Dirty is dirty and the intent to injure was there. Funny how a fourth liner who consumes about 3-4 minutes of ice time was sent out for blood. Watch the video again. The ball sack that is Pronger was licking his lips with a smug look of satisfaction when he saw the blood. Like a teenage Twilight fan he lives for that shit. And one last thought on this, Happy is an absolute bad ass. He shakes off the trainers, blood pouring on the ice, gets stitched up and he's back out. This is Red Wings hockey.

This is why Detroit is not even in the same league as Anaheim:

Dirty Chicken Shit Hit on Hudler, classic Anaheim

Happy, with the heart to shake it off and return, classic Detroit

Ok so as always below are my random possibly incoherent thoughts about the game. Be kind. I've just returned from the bar where I forced my fiance to where the Dangle Dangle shirt I just got him despite the fact that he had no idea what it was referring to...but I couldn't wear mine, my friends threatened me with physical harm if I once again did not dress "appropriately" after a game by wearing my Mule shirt.....but it did warm my cold heart to see many Wings fans out tonight....

First goal Anaheim...Fuck, that was the first time all playoffs that the Wings were trailing...and you know they had to hit below the belt by letting Corey Perry score the first goal.

The Wings seemed rusty at the beginning of the game, but that was certainly expected. Ozzie was fighting the puck, but seemed to pull it together after the first. With the shake ups on defense I expected the mistakes I saw in the Wings zone. I was however surprised that Detroit had difficulty with their passes and shots in the Ducks end in the first period. Half way through the second they began to shake off the sluggishness and pull it together....not their best game but they fought through it.....should we even be surprised?

I have to say I am absolutely shocked the refs made the right call on Browns hit on Hudler. It was absolutely a 5 minute game misconduct. Look at Brashear for an example. Brown may get suspended for one game, but that's it. He doesn't have the reputation of Brashear.

Franzen was the first to break through Hiller's virginal Anahyman, with a beautiful, and classic Johan, I shoot I score, Franzen goal. Damn when the man is on he's on. A ridunkulous clutch playoff player. Scoff all you want at his 11 year contact..............if he keeps this shit up, I may have to expand my Ken Holland is a god shrine.

As expected Hiller gave up a number of juicy rebounds throughout the game...the difference, was the Ducks defense was quite stifling....the Wings worked through this and were able to capitalize on their front next presence during Lidstrom's TWO goals.

Have to say they missed Rafalski in multiple ways. Did Chelios even play in the third???? I hope this upper body injury is not as serious as whatever is consuming Kris Draper. We need Rafalski back for both the PK and the PP...I've always hated Samulessons arrant shot on the pp (I'm convinced it has more of a chance of ending up in the Detroit River the on net) but when Rafalski's out, it seemed to bother me even more. I definitely forgot how important his shot from the point and the subsequent tip ins were.

And then the men of Michigan, with their justifiable man crush on Ericsson, all simultaneously came in their pants as Big Rig fought the turd nugget that is Corey Perry. A special little present from baby Jesus to all Wings fans. Although I will say, I was secretly holding my breath hoping he wouldn't further injure his hand. My second favorite part of the fight, was Babcock's post game interview where he had this to say:

“Yeah. Oh for sure. But we also said to him we don’t have enough D, we can’t have you fightin. But, I don’t mind him fightin those guys. I mean, if he wants to fight Getzy, and Perry, and all means. That’s as long as the list gets.”

That's right Big E, pummel these bitches, warm yourself up, and next year, when your hands better, retribution on the other Duck ass holes, plenty of time, pace yourself.

This game was just all around bizarre playoff hockey. A Fight, bloody hit on Happy, Wings shaking off the rust, and oh yeah, Chelios almost chipping in a shot in the second. Would I have to eat my words if that happened....Just the kind of crazy shit Wings fans were dealing with all night long.

On a slightly negative note, Hossa was pretty invisible tonight...and I don't just mean point wise. If he's not tearing up the score sheet he's usually backchecking pretty hard and fighting for pucks....I didn't notice him doing that tonight, but maybe it was one too many martinis.

I would like to say that I think Helm is due for a goal....but either way I'll never get sick of watching that kid play.

I've repeatedly mocked and insulted the Versus announcers as if I were a whiny little school girl...well tonight they have forced me to do it again. I completely understand saying something quickly and later realizing how stupid or confusing it was, just read my blog, or at least this post...but really I don't think in any universe it make sense to say that Selanne, stimulated his 2-2 tying goal. Hmmmm think about that, you can stimulate a lot of things...a goal not so much. Maybe they just got confused and meant to say THEY were stimulated by that goal, or by a picture of Sidney Crosby....for them either one applies.

I learned two new things about the Ducks tonight and neither one makes me smile. The Ducks PK is pretty impressive and Babcock is going to have to figure out how to combat that. The second, Pronger's brain cell learned a new trick and is now capable of shots and diving, my friend there is a special place in hell for that kind of behavior.

I know I know this has once again drug out far to long, I'll finish soon I promise.

The Wings started to look a bit better in the third. They stopped dumping the puck so much and began to shoot, which they needed to do all night. The Ducks are dropping back and playing the pass, for the rest of the series Detroit will need to take advantage of that. Also, the beginning of the game the Wings were hitting more than at the end. They need to continue their physical efforts if they hope to move on from this series.

While Hiller was not the Wing crushing machine we were promised, he was still pretty good, especially for a rookie. For awhile I thought his pads were like a chastity belt and nothing was going to get through them...but eventually the Wings prevailed and I think it was evident if they play this correctly, they can wear him down.

Speaking of playing tried, Getzlaf's almost 28 minutes of ice time is ridiculous. He can't keep that up and it just proves further how deep the Wings are and how shallow the Ducks offense is.

Ozzie still seemed hurt and slow to get up especially in the third....exactly what I was scared to see.

Carlyle is an absolute Donkey Dick. His post game interview.........nope still to angry, can't talk about it yet, but he is the kind of overly confident ass who will wear a nut hugger bathing suite to the beach and then bitch at people for becoming offended when he's hangin brain.....never understood these people, just like I can't understand how he justified Browns hit on Happy.

Lidstrom is exactly what a captain should be. Classy, composed, and comes through exactly when his team needs him most. 2 goals, enough said.

My nerves are still on edge and my hands are still am I possibly going to survive the rest of this series? I couldn't even watch the last two minutes. I literally hid my face like a scared bear. This series will be epic. Next game Sunday....the Wings need to win one more at home...


  1. So, I see that you like "devirginization" better than the word "deflowering," then. :)

    Pronger makes me so angry, to see that level of talent wasted on such an @$$hole.

  2. "Prongers BRAIN CELL has learned a new trick"

    You are spectacular......many props!


  3. I was wondering if Chelios played in the third either. I did not like Carlyle's post game at all. I said to my boyfriend last night, "This is why I despise the Ducks." Having the first goal scored by Corey freaking Perry was painful.