Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brad Watson; Making Chris Pronger Look Intelligent

To be honest, I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of a clearly more talented team, not bringing their A game and getting beat by the queef farts that are the Anaheim Ducks. Well that and Gary Bitchman's legion of evil refs. That's right, there is a special place in hell for people like Gary and his refs. Dammit Bitchman, I know the NBA sent you over to ass rape the National Hockey League, but this isn't basketball, the fans don't want a rigged game. I honestly thought he would be too busy jacking off to his marquee match up of the Penguins and Caps that he would for once leave the Wings alone.

A friend, who happened to catch the game at a bar, a non hockey fan, text me to ask how I can enjoy watching something so clearly rigged? He said everyone out at the bar was laughing at how absurd hockey was....and as you don't need to be told, the Phoenix market is not a hockey hot bed. And since I'm all bitchy I had to refrain myself from texting back shut the fuck up motherfucking cocksucker, and instead simply respond with, "I can't."

Now don't get me wrong, I am not excusing the play of the Red Wings. (But I will say that whenever the Wings built up some momentum, a sketchy penalty was called.) It was beyond painful to watch the first period and the first half of the second period...an all too familiar sight this series, right? It was after this when the Wings decided it was time to fucking play hockey. Although still not up to their level. For some odd reason, the Wings continued to make long passes which ended up being turned over in the neutral zone, repeatedly. What's the cliche saying, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Not sure why they have decided to abandoned their proven game and instead continue to cycle the puck up top, shoot high on Hiller glove side with no traffic in front of the net, and then expect to score.

Be honest, did you EVER, think traffic in front of the net would be an issue for the Wings...if you did you're a fucking liar.

Hossa's hurt, enough said. Starting to question Datsyuks health as well.

Ozzie was amazing this game, Unfuckingbelieveable. Everyone questioned how he would do in this playoffs while they drooled all over the Wings offensive abilities. Well somewhere along the lines they flipped a bitch and changed rolls. Osgood is clutch and well almost everyone else on the team is skating around as if they don't want to move too fast out of fear of their chronic diarrhea exploding.

I did say almost because Helm and Stuart had great games. Helm is like that yappy little annoying as hell dog who just keeps going and going. And I love it.

I know that Chelios was able to draw 2 penalties in the third, but I am really really hoping his overall play was enough evidence to Babcock that he needs to be scratched and Meech brought in. I was secretly hoping that since Draper and Lilja are feeling a little better, maybe they could grab him before the second period, give him a classic swirly, and then lock him in a bathroom stall until the game is done.

Honestly, I had some other thoughts about this game. Intelligent hockey thoughts that didn't consist of swear words, and if they would have lost without the last few minutes shaping up the way they did, I would have happily shared them...but at this point it seems futile...it's clear the league won't let the Wings win.

All I can say is, there is no way in hell that the tiny penis that is Randy Carlyle has anything to complain about...if he does, it's official, he is 100% bat shit crazy...no other explanation, because this fucking game was handed to them on a silver platter. The "interference" call on Stuart leading to the second goal, BULL SHIT, and the the goal called, off disallowed, never happened, I don't fucking know what to call it because it sure as hell wasn't clear to me.

I have never witnessed a more horribly officiated playoff game in my 24 years....ever. I love that the Ducks get the early whistle, or excuse me INTENT to whistle, (what was he too busy doing to not blow his fucking whistle...oh wait, it was such a quick whistle he didn't even have time to blow it!!!!!) and the Wings get their goal disallowed, while Ozzie was being repeatedly mugged like a little old lady, or rapped like a skinny prison bitch all night and the refs kept their ass cheeks tightly closed protecting their whistles. I mean it was completely shocking...words can't describe it. Carlyle must have crusty jizz all over his mouth from the cocksucking he's done to Bitchman and the officials to get the games called this way. He was so concerned about the interference on Hiller, to the point that the Wings can't come within 2 feet of the precious baby boy. But Ozzie receives punches to the head, cross checks, and is repeatedly plowed over. In all honesty, Ozzie was completely run through on the second goal...do you think that would have been allowed had Homer done the same thing?

I would say I want Babcock to complain as well, but I don't want the Wings organization to have to stoop to that level. Yet at the same time, while growing up and playing sports, my dad always repeatedly said, the only person on the field, court, ice etc you can't beat is the ref....my mind is spinning, can't believe they are even down in this series.

Alright and what are the Vegas odds on a Homer suspension? I only got the Versus feed and all they kept talking about was that Wisniewski took a Homer elbow to the face....the fact that he was taken off the ice on a stretcher due to being hit with a shot in the chest seemed to be secondary. Dammit Strader, I used to like you....dead to me now...I honestly think they were drafting the Ducks complaint to the league for them...just so they could get a jump start. Don't want to waste any of the precious lobbying time. I talked to my dad after the game and they seemed to have a much more realistic understanding of the situation on FSD. If Homer gets suspended...not sure I can continue with this.

I'm in shock....I really am. When officiating is so one sided and so blatant....it's not even fun to watch. I spend a great deal of time, money, and energy to watch this sport, and as a fan, I feel as though some explanation is owed to us...something...and intent to whistle is as good of an excuse as "honey I'm sorry my pants fell down so I tripped and just happened to land on him...." not going to cut it.

When I get in one of my nasty bitchfits, my fiance generally just calls it a mood a brushes it off...this time, I think I even scared him. I'm so pissed....words can't convey it...

The Chief had this to say....enough said, I've got nothing else:

I’m trying hard not to turn this into a Detroit against the world thing. But watch that play, you know the one, again. Watch it, then consider the phantom Datsyuk penalty in 2007. It’s not anti-Detroit.

It’s just plain incompetence and we all just sit back and take it.
I’ll tell you this. If the Wings lose this series, after that call, I’m going to strongly consider how I can put forth any more time, effort or money toward a sport that has Gary Bettman as its commissioner.



  1. The only thing that makes me happy right now is that there are people like you out there who feel exactly the same way i do.

  2. I just feel like I got kicked in the stomach. I still can not believe the ending of that game. Heck, I can't believe the beginning of that game and am wondering why the Wings didn't show up until half way through. So many things I don't understand about this series. My best hockey watching bud sent me a text last night that he was done with NHL hockey. It made him that mad.

  3. In all honesty, I thought I would feel better this morning....but I actually just feel worse. Not only am I still incredibly pissed, but I'm disgusted by whats happening to the league. As a hockey fan, not just a Wing fan, it was a sad day....

  4. I thought I would feel better too but I don't.

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