Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Western Conference Semifinals Game 6

I don't know what to say but Monday seemed like the longest day ever. News was slow and it felt like the Wings hadn't played in weeks. When in reality it was just one day.

So what did we learn during the day off? Well apparently the rest of the hockey world has the attention span of a pechulant 5 year old all hyped up on sugar, soda, and videos games. Why, because I guess they had forgotten what a beast Johan, I shoot I score, Franzen is during the playoffs. One article I read likened him to Alexander Ovechkin if he only gave as much effort during the regular season as he does during the playoffs....funny, have they not noticed the entire Red Wings team utilizes this self preservation method during the regular season? And quite frankly if they keep up this level during the playoffs who the fuck cares? Either way the Mule has been the talk of that long Monday. Let's see during Carlyle's post game interview, he mentioned Franzen's sudden growth spurt...one apparently only he can see....He was either insinuating Mule uses steroids or is just a late bloomer.... you decide. It wasn't my first thought, but when I think of what a whinny pussy he is, I really wouldn't put it past him.

Also yesterday, Carlyle decided that his previous backhanded and high school antics of throwing his players under the proverbial bus didn't work so he channeled his inner camp councilor and had a unique practice session. According to Snapshots they played opposite-handed and also engaged in a little ball hockey. Awww how touching and sweet. It's like the junk yard Doberman sweetly playing with his favorite ball. Not sure if this tactic will work for them or not. Although rumor has it once they were done with their cutesy little practice, Carlyle had them all sing Kumbaya, and then give group pedicures while sharing their deepest darkest secrets and playing truth or dare. Someone dared Pronger to say the ABCs AND count to 25 which prompted a good team cry when they all found out he wasn't able to. Ahhh memories. They will remember this day as a unique team bonding moment before the Wings thoroughly stomped on their balls.

And finally in Red Wing news, a few surprising developments. There was some talk of Draper being ready to go for Game 6. I felt mixed on the subject as I really like the 4 lines they're rolling right now. But apparently it doesn't matter because it was just talk and he will not be ready to play.

Rafalski on the other hand, is a game day decision and finally skated with the Wings at practice. According to Ansar Khan he had this to say:

"If the coaches and myself feel I can contribute in any way, then there's a good chance I'll play, but we'll see what happens''

I'm crossing my fingers toes and working on my karma. Especially since the Wings are so short on defensemen. Last game when Ericsson took the shot to his foot and limped off the ice, my heart stopped and I think I instantly developed an ulcer. Apparently Big E still feels pretty shitty:

Defenseman Jonathan Ericsson did not practice but said he expects to play in Game 6. Ericsson was hit in the right foot by a shot during the first period of Game 5. He said X-rays revealed no fracture.
"I think I'll be fine,'' Ericsson said. "It hurt in the beginning, got a little bit worse during the game. At the end of the game, I didn't feel good and worse after I took my skate off.''

Ok, I'm choosing to just ignore this and pretend like it's not an happening. Just like Gary Bitchman I'll create my own world where my reality is not the same as everyone elses. Yes I know it's fucked up. But in my "happy place" both Rafalski and Ericsson will be able to play no problem. Game 6 is stressful enough just on it's own.

I feel like a broken record but tonight is a must win. If they lose and are forced to a game 7, the Dick's will have all of the momentum. They need to come out and dominate just like they did last game. Waiting to the third period is not an option and obviously the first 10 minutes will be key.

I hope Anaheim is so caught off guard by the Wings immense talent that they immediately begin rubbing the bald spot on top of Getzlaf's head. They're left with no options, it's their only form of luck. It would be amazing if Detroit just dominates them from start to finish. And when it's done, I want Pronger looking up at the score board feeling his one brain cell finally giving out as he tries to add it all up and learn the Ducks lose. And better yet, would be for the Wings to score so many goals that he's simply incapable to adding that high and grabs Perry to use his toes to count. I would love to see their dreams crushed this year.

Anything I say will be a cliche at this point and I'm not fully sure words can convey the stress and nausea which will accompany the game. But if you're a Wings fan, you get it and understand it.

Hopefully I'll be back with more...but if not, rest assured it's due to my all around inability to properly control my stress. I'm sure you can relate.



    Game 7 is going to cause me to be very, very ill.

  2. I agree with you Wings Fan In KC. But my question is, how do they even have any fans? How would a self respecting person even root for this team of cheapshot jackoffs? It was a disguisting display all around. Once again a disappointing day for the Wings and the League. Stay classy Anaheim, stay classy.