Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deja Vu.....again?

Wow....once again, far from the Wings best effort, and yet they were able to get it done. The scary thing is.....the Pens threw everything they had at Detroit, and the Wings were exhausted. Which I'm sure you were absolutely shocked to find out considering all the injuries, the tough opponents and then back to back games.

It was a bit crazy at my house while watching the game today, so per the usual this recap is sporadic, but here we go.

During the first half of the first period the Wings played really well. They developed a strong forecheck and everyone was playing responsibly defensively. Their transition game through the neutral zone was impeccable and Pittsburgh didn't have an answer for it. I think for about 30 seconds my heart beat was close to normal....

But then they fell back into their normal pattern of complacency. Now never having played sports higher than a high school varsity team, I have absolutely no idea what goes through a professional athletes head. But since the days of Scotty the Wings have fallen back into a defensive shell whenever they are dominating or have a strong lead, so I have to assume it's some sort of mental thing not easily over come. And while I have no business judging due to my lack of knowledge, it still is frustrating as a fan.

At this point I expect both Versus and NBC to cream their panties over Crosby, Malkin, and apparently Bitchman at least 6 times during a game. Sometimes the love fest goes to such an extreme that I am convinced I am watching foreplay from a soft core porn. I've accepted this. I'm over it. But is it too much to ask them to analyze the game. Not only between periods but during the game as well. In the first period, Ozzie makes a great save and the Wings are able to clear the zone. They don't even consider mentioning what a difficult save it was being that he had lost his stick. I wonder, do they just like they hearing their own voices or are they just that oblivious. But perhaps my favorite part of the broadcast was when McGuire (who someone pointed out that he may or may not resemble a dildo) Asks"Do you both agree that this series doesn't start until one team loses at home?" and then nothing. Crickets. Yeah Milbury and Pang didn't bite. They didn't want to take the bait and look like complete asses....they'll leave that to the resident well....self satisfaction tool....

Helm was wonderful again. It's interesting watching him play. He seems to conserve his energy and use it at just the right moments. While he still created offensive chances, I would say tonight he was most effective backchecking and covering Malkin a few times.

I would say by the second period you could tell there was some frustration from Malkin and Crosby....not to mention possible fatigue for the two super stars. I still think the schedule of 3 games in 4 nights still benefits the Pens from an exhaustion stand point, but it will be interesting to see how Bitch Baby and Malkin handle their fatigue.

Last season Zetterberg made Crosby and essentially the Penguins his bitch. We all saw it, loved it, and looked forward to it happening again this year. In fact I knew Zetterberg would do it again. What I did not expect was for the Griffins to bend the Penguins over and make them cry for their mommy's. I mean seriously the fucking Griffins have shown up.

Abdelkader....second goal in the playoffs on consecutive nights. Yahoo Sports named him their third star and they didn't even have his picture to post. Last night he had to wear Mule's warm up jacket. Cliche but true, Detroit's depth has been unbelievable and has been a difference maker during these playoff runs. Of all the players who would have expected Abdelkader to get the first two insurance goals of the playoffs?

Speaking of Griffins, Ericsson had a beautiful goal from the point with Helm screening MAF. Helm is a freak of nature. He does it all. And like a coked up Draper he keeps going and going and going. I hope that kid stays a Wing for life. I would never get sick of watching him play.

Zetterberg once again had an amazing game. Unbelievable. He shut down Crosby or Malkin or really whoever was out on the ice. One play stands out in my mind in particular. During a 2 on 1, Zetterberg backchecks like hell and comes and strips the Pen of the puck....on his own. It was a thing of beauty and amazing to watch. I think he thrives on this shit. He absolutely loves it. And I truly believe that you have to enjoy it, and love what you're doing to win. Just ask Crosby.

And that brings us to Malkin's bitchfit. It was ridiculous. Zetterberg is so far in his head he now knows his deepest darkest secrets including the fact that Malkin once walked in on Crosby with the commissioner. Hey don't shoot the messenger I'm just sharing...I appreciate that Malkin showed more emotion and actually had a reaction unlike Bitch babies robotic smug state, but the way he came at Zetterberg was unacceptable. It was worse than the Semin bitch slapping fight of 2009. He swung with his gloves on but most dangerously with his stick in his hand. So not only could he not drop his gloves, but he decided he needed whack Zetterberg with his stick as well....clearly he is following the example of his fearFUL leader. I will say I'm proud of Zetterberg for standing up for himself and not backing down. I've read in a few places that Malkin was "sending a message." I disagree. I believe he let his frustration get the best of him. So now not only does he need to over come that road block, but Zetterberg will be even more motivated next game. Yep he thrives on this shit.

And can I just say that Max Talbot is an absolute piece of dog shit. Slashing Ozzie in the stomach like that after the play....classless. I honestly thought that Pittsburg was supposed to have learned their lessons and were supposed to be a better and mature team....umm yeah you ass whole bunch of wet nasty dog're starting to resemble the Ducks and that's not a compliment.

It's interesting that tonight the Penguins went down to 6 defensemen and supposedly had 4 lines. Interesting predicament for Pittsburgh. If they have 7 defensemen than Detroit's 4th line plays less and have less of an impact. But if you do have 6 guys on the blue line and try to go with 4 lines, you're giving Babcock the chance to roll his 4 lines more....hmm damned if you do damned if you don't.

Osgood was amazing again. He had a little help from his current buddies the cross bar and the posts. But again, he had a great game and made his own luck. He bailed his teammates out many times. There is nothing more I can say about Osgood. His play speaks for itself. And if you never gave him credit before, you're not going to start now. So suck it. Great job by Ozzie.

Overall Detroit did not play well. They certainly did not play up to their standards. On the other hand Pittsburgh played really well. They once again developed a strong forecheck and pushed Detroit hard. It was a nerve racking game to watch. But overall the good thing is the Wings can play better, and they will. I expected them to struggle tonight from physical fatigue. But their will and drive pulled them through. The day off will be huge for them.

Yes Detroit is up 2-0. But this thing is FAR from over. A ton of hockey to play. You saw from the frustration at the end of the game that Pittsburgh isn't going to give up. Game three will be their greatest challenge yet. Detroit absolutely no questions asked, must split in Pittsburgh. But they have to be ready, and they have to be on the top of their game.

It would be nice to have Dangle back....but I honestly don't think we will see him until next year. And yes, I know we won so I shouldn't end this post with a comment that will surely cause you to individually pluck out your ball hair, but it's a concern. The Wings are going to need to improve their game vastly to continue to make up for his absence.

Enjoy the win, but remember, there is still a long road ahead. Filled with officials looking to "even things up," a bitch baby Pens captain, and apparently a dirty team.

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