Monday, June 1, 2009

Bitch, Bitch, Whine, Whine

Alright so I hope all the Pittsburgh fans, the NBC announcers, and the media in general, have a chance to see the break down of Hossa's "slash" over at A2Y courtesy of Moocat. Amazing. Simply well done. A great example of what a jackass and dirty player Hossa really is. *sarcasm* Allowing Dupuis to break his stick on Hossa's skate like that. An atrocity. Tisk tisk. I call for an automatic suspension...oh wait that's right, there is no such thing as an automatic suspension in the NHL. Damn. I get so confused. Moving on.....

So the magnificent duo over at NBC spent some time discussing the Datsyuk injury. And for some fucked up reason only known to them they think it has to do with his hip. Ok, here's a thought. Stop attempting to analyze situations you have no knowledge on. You sure as hell don't do it during the game so why make us sit through your half ass thought out explanations as to why Dangle is out. Sigh, rant over.

From what I've been told about Datsyuk's injury, it is not his hip. But thanks anyway NBC. I will say however that I certainly would not be holding out hope for him to come back Game three....yes I was infinitely disappointed when I learned a bit more today.....From what I've heard from someone with far more knowledge...I'd be more surprised if he did play.

But in more positive and less bitchy news, it sounds like Draper may be ready for game three. Who to sit? I'm going to go with Leino. You can't take Abdelkader out at this point....


  1. Detroit Griffins - 3
    Gator (2), Big Rig (1)
    Eastern Conf Champs - 2
    It has to be Leino.
    Malts has stepped it up big time these past two games. Put Gator in between those two = vicious forecheck.
    Jeff OKWingnut

  2. I call Abdelkader scoring another third-period goal. He is on a quest to outscore the Penguins by himself. :)

    I cannot even tell you how much I giggle about a 22-year old rookie in hte NHL for about 20 minutes playing in his first playoff games ever and scoring the same number of goals as the entire opposing team. I love it.