Friday, March 27, 2009

Alright I'm done with that...

Last night I once again forced myself to passionately cheer for another team. That's right I feel dirty. Ahhh yes, I watched the Predators/Sharks game loudly and forcefully cheering, gulp, Nashville on. But it's ok, it's ok, I feel like I can cleanse myself when I watch the Wings game tonight....right? I think it works like that.

Anyway, Nashville came from behind and won 3-2. So now San Jose and Detroit are tied with 107 points a piece and are even with games (until after tonight of course)

There are a few things which make me incandescently happy. One of those is any time Jeremy Roenick and the Sharks lose (Another of course is seeing Colorado at the bottom of the Western Conference standings , but that should go without saying...)

That's right I am not a huge 'JR' fan. Maybe it's because I have always been a Wings fan and their players always seem humble and appreciative. Maybe it's because I don't fully understand America's obsession with celebrity. Whatever it is, all I can say is my one experience with him was at a party in Phoenix where he personally decided to bring pictures of himself to sign for fellow party goers. I should really clarify, this was not a fan meet and greet, nor did it have anything to do with hockey, this was just a get together. This is Phoenix for Christ's sake and most people think an icing is some new smoothie from Jamba Juice. But at least he came prepared with his own pictures!

Alright, alright I'm going to step off my soap box, for now, and sit back and enjoy the feeling that San Jose will walk away with only one point from their last two games...ahhhhh

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