Thursday, March 12, 2009

You know who I miss....

Darren Freaking Helm!

Yes I know he hasn't been gone for long, and we have made it through most of the season without him, but I still miss the guy.

I remember a while back someone wrote that he was like a coked up version of the 90's Draper, and I could not agree more. I am not even going to try to come up with a better analogy...NOTHING can top that!

When I think of Darren Helm one thing comes to mind. That stupid blue puck they used to have on TV (another great creation by you know who) for all of the people who apparently found it too difficult to follow the game....

Well I propose that they bring it back specifically for Helm, the guys all over the place!

Luckily Babs already said he should be in the playoffs...although we already knew that since Mikey is the President of the Darren Helm fan club. Although he may be struggling to split his time with his responsibility as the Vice President of the Ericsson fan club.....

No real point to this post, just got to thinking it would be nice to have his energy and speed back....

Yeah as far as the picture choice....just thought it was weird. I particularly like the people in the back ground....they are either very bored or seriously contemplating the logistics of what is taking place.


  1. I will be seeing him tomorrow :)


  2. "coked up version of the 90's Draper" has to be the best description of Helm EVER. (and just for your mental notes, he looks a lot faster in person. It's impossible for me to get a clear picture of him.) Looking at the faces of people in the background is usually the best part :)