Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wings 6 Thrashers 3

Ok first things first, this was an away game right?? Looking into the crowd I wasn't sure, that was until I saw they were sitting on blue seats and not the classic red seats at the Joe. There were so many Wings fans in the crowd they might as well have been at home. Whenever Ozzie made a nice save (and there were a quite few) the crowd would bring out the Ozzie chant. At this point Osgood must be soooo sick of fans hating then loving him that he may want to give us all the middle finger. I know I would....

Anyway, before I get into anything else I think it is important to point out that Samulesson got into fight. Yes you read that correctly. Although to be honest I am using the word 'fight' loosely. Basically he held on tight, forgot to drop his gloves and took a few punches. But at least he stood up for himself...

The real highlight of the fight is the fan in the white polo in the background. What does he think he's frickin Mike Tyson or something....what the hell, sit your drunk hillbilly beer gut down....

Anyway, Sammy gave the Wings their 11th fighting major of the year. You will remember that Hossa was responsible for number 9...

Lets see, the pee your pants moment of the night came in the first period when the Thrashers were on the powerplay. The score was 0-0. Kovalchuk let one of his infamous slap shots go. The kind of shot that gives small children and Chris Osgood perpetual night sweats. Well fortunately for the Wings the shot hit the cross bar. I remember reading in the incredibly fact filled publication "The Onion" that Ozzie had a strange sexual relationship with the Stanley Cup. So I don't know how he's going to thank that cross bar. Whether he'll kiss it, lick it, hump it, or all 3, he needs to properly show some love.

Despite this moment Osgood played pretty well. He came out and cut down the angles and absolutely made Peverely his bitch, over and over again. There were times that Ozzie did give A LOT of rebounds, but luckily the defense was actually in position to help out. Overall a good effort.

The three goals weren't terrible goals, I would say it really should have been 6-2.

Other noteworthy moments:

Franzen got his 30th of the season and looked good all night also recording two assists.

Hudler scored on a breakaway. He handled a nice pass from Lebda and shot right through the 5 hole. It was his first goal in 13 games, 21st of the season, and 50th career NHL goal. Congrats to little Happy.

Aside from that Zetterberg had a GREAT game, 4 assists and of course he played well in all zones.

Thought is was worth pointing out that Lebda played really well. He was in great position to stop a one on one from really becoming anything and was in pretty good position all night.

Next game of course is Monday. Go Wings!

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  1. Did you catch the "Let's go Red Wings" chant as well?