Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coach Homer?????

Ok, so we all know that Homer's grip of the English language (and I hear the Swedish Language as well) is some what skeptical. Clearly he is not as challenging as say Datsyuk, but none the less he left Ansar Khan thoroughly confused as to whether he would be playing tonight... I'm not sure if he was trying to be get us all hysterical with the possibility of his eminent return by screwing with us, whether he was actually confused, or if we should now be calling him Coach Homer? Either way, he makes you laugh...

'"I'm in,'' Holmstrom said. "I felt good. If they hold me back, I don't know, but I would like to play.'''

hmmmmm ok so in or out?

"Asked if coach Mike Babcock told him he was going to play, Holmstrom said, "I'm telling him I'm playing.'''

Snap. Well I am sure we have all heard that Homer gets grumpy when he has not played in awhile...and a pissed off Holmstrom is a GREAT thing for the Wings.

Apparently Mule's other nickname is Grumpy due to his overall pleasant demeanor when he gets into one of his scoreless funks....(yeah how I know that...don't ask, it's pathetic) Maybe they should save that name for Homer if Babs tells him he's sitting tonight.

Well my sister is absolutely convinced that Homer is playing tonight. This has left me with a mental image of Larry Murphy absolutely wetting himself as he tries to describe the scene of Holmstrom hoisting himself over the glass behind the Edmonton goal....very godzillaesque..

But if Homer insists that he must play and Babcock isn't ready to play him up front, maybe they could just use him as the goalie. His positioning would be sick...who knows the possibilities are endless with Coach Homer...

In other news from Ansar, apparently Chelios is playing...did he decide that as well or did Babcock? Either way it will be interesting to see who sits for him....

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