Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ahhh the Passion...Take that Phoenix!

Well I am thanking my lucky stars that I can walk into work today and sit in my cube with my smart ass smirk knowing that the Red Wings kicked some serious ass last night! They must have been soooo embarrassed from the 8-2 fuck fest in Columbus and the heat they received from their coach, captain, fans, and the media that they came to play! There was nothing but pure unadulterated passion! The excitement I witnessed is equivalent to that of a child waking up on Christmas morning! All I can say is I feel so bad for the Coyotes having to go through that ass beating!

Hmmmm well if you had the 'pleasure' of watching last nights game then I am sure you can see through the layers and layers of sarcasm and read the underlying sheer panic. At this point, what will it take for the Wings to shake their overall apathy?? Not rhetorical, I need answers! I need assurance they will get it together BEFORE the playoffs!

While the defense seemed to be tighter, they were still playing with a complete lack of passion. It seems as though they have nothing to play for.....ummm you know your fans are still here for you, cheering and hoping for another cup.....maybe you could shake your carefree attitude and try just a bit least so we aren't able to tell that you don't care....

I guess I can't say that everyone played with the passion of a wet mop. (Yes I know, stupid often used cliche, but if the Wings can't put in an effort, neither will I!) Filppula had a great game. He has really come into his own recently. Nice to see. Mule also played well. He FINALLY started driving hard to the net. I was glad that he got the over time game winner. You could tell he wanted it. The only thing is Franzen is just so streaking. He seems to be hot or not and a lot of that depends on what he feels like doing. I think the quote from Babs below pretty much sums that up....

"He always gives us grit and determination, he's always at their net," Babcock said regarding Holmstrom. "We haven't had enough of that. (Dan) Cleary's been going there, but we haven't had enough other people there."

But last night Mule put in a little hard work and got goal number 27! Ericsson played pretty well, he was actually in great position to stop the puck from going in after it snuck by Conkblock....still was not too thrilled with him and Chelios on the same line. Just a waste of Ericssons ability to jump into the offensive play.

Well I had planned on writing more and providing you with a deeper look into my intriguing mind, but at this point I really don't feel like it. Apparently the same passion the Wings have been displaying has passed on to me. I told you my mood can be irrationally dictated by these poor performances....So I will leave you with the below quote from Coach Mike. He was obviously joking, he was obviously being sarcastic....because if he were being honest like the beat writers made it seem, we might as well bend over...

"Maybe we'll have to play (Conklin) again (Thursday at home vs. Calgary)," Babcock said. "Ozzie might have to play on the road and (Conklin) might have to play here.

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