Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Day in History....

Beautiful isn't it. Some people like sunsets, some like rainbows, I enjoy turtles....

That's, March 26th, is a day which still brings chills and goose bumps to all the Wings faithful. Some say it was a turning point for the Wings. The Chief has a nice write up about the effects of that day as well as some words regarding the incredible and wonderful fall of the Colorado Avalanche.

I had just turned 12 years old when this game took place and I still remember it vividly. On a bad day you can always head on over to youtube and the image of Darren McCarty, hitting, kneeing, and jumping on Claude will certainly bring a smile to your face! If that doesn't maybe the shot of Shanahan leaping through the air to take out St. Patrick will do it for you! (by the way he told Shanny he was never the same after that....)

Whenever I introduce new people to hockey or the history of the Wings, this is one event which always is showcased. My college roommate was a dancer (no not like that, ballet), figure skater, all around docile sports hating order for us to successfully live together and avoid any hair pulling, hands in warm water, or oil in the facewash incidents, I needed to be sure she would enjoy watching every Wings game, understand when I became moody due to their inconsistencies, and have an overall love and respect for the Wings...well this battle royale proved to be the one thing to solidify our relationship....sit back and enjoy...

And really, the icing on the cake....the bitch slap to the face...the pole up the ass....the bamboo under the finger nails....the straw that broke the camels back....whatever cliche you enjoy, occurred when McCarty scored the game winner..yep suck on that.

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  1. I promise to never again not recognize that date...I'm quite disappointed in myself. Had you given me some hint and mentioned the Wings and the Avalanche in the same sentence, I would have understood. Whoops. Either way, I still LOVE the picture that Dad has of McCarty laying it on Lemieux, Love the open ice check/leap through the air of Shanahan and I LOVE the fact that when you search Mozilla for "March 26, 1997" wikipedia instantly displays "Red Wings-Avalanche brawl".

    I should be studying for my exam that I have at 2:30 yet I keep watching that clip over and over again.

    Turtle, turtle!