Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yes I am Panicking....and I feel it is justified

Let’s see…..It has been a pretty pathetic 8 days for the Red Wings. We start off with the 8-0 loss to Nashville and carry over to the ‘disgusting’ display last night with the 8-2 loss to Columbus. I really did not want my first Red Wings themed post to be soooo negative, and I wanted to wait for something positive to take place, but who knows when THAT may happen. Yes I am panicking. Yes it is pathetic. But I am stressed and worried and my fiancé is beginning to wonder if this behavior and reaction will take place each and every year. Just so you know the answer is yes it will! Yes my mood can be irrationally dictated by the wins and losses of this team….

There are 16 games remaining until the playoffs and apparently the defense has checked out and has begun to schedule their tee times…Unfortunately or maybe, luckily, I was unable to see the game last night. But while I was on a mini vacation at the happiest place on earth, I was insanely refreshing the game summary on my blackberry. At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, at first I was hoping it was wrong…but after I was picked up out of the fetal position and the tears and drool were wiped off my face, those around me convinced me it was true…..We had a stiff drink and were able to continue on our trip.

At this point I am really just sick of the subpar play. I am sick of the Wings only showing up to the “big” games. Ummmmm guys, with 16 games until the playoffs EVERY game is a BIG game. The other playoff bound teams seem to understand this, now it’s your turn.

Well Zetterberg described last night’s debacle as “disgusting.” Personally, that does not even begin to describe it…..I am crossing my fingers, toes, rubbing my lucky rabbits foot, and hoping that next game summary post will be MUCH more positive…..

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