Monday, March 16, 2009

Number 2!

Ahhh yes! From what I've heard, that was much better! Unfortunately I was not able to see the game yesterday. I was out at a BBQ enjoying the beautiful Phoenix weather. (crazy but not everyone has Center Ice out here) Don't be too jealous though, soon it will be 115 out and everyone will be holed up in their houses sitting next to an air conditioning vent.

From what I have read, and may watch tonight on my Tivo, it was an all-around great effort. Too bad the first goal was called off. Apparently Homer's ass struck again! Over at On the Wings, Matt posted Franzen's beautiful goal.

Ozzie recorded his second shut of the year and 49th overall. From some clips it looked like he played very well positionally and cut down many of their better opportunities. This has earned him his third straight start against the Flyers tomorrow.

Have to say that overall I am glad Rick Nash and Steve Mason did not make the Wings their bitch again....

Not having watched the game, and trying not to get too excited, I did like the quote from Ken Hitchcock below:

"I don't care who plays Detroit," coach Ken Hitchcock said. "If (the Red Wings) decide they're going to play that way, nobody's going to beat them. Nobody's going to beat them in a (playoff) series if they're going to play that way. Teams are going to be lucky to win games against them. They played a deliberate game. They played with work ahead of skill, and when you have their skill level, it's pretty devastating if you're the opposition."

Despite that ringing endorsement, the Blue Jackets, Mason, and Nash still scare me as a potential first round opponent. Hopefully the Wings and specifically Ozzie can use this game as a confidence booster and end the season strong. Once Ozzie has his confidence back, and is playing at his potential, the rest of the team will feel more comfortable as well.

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