Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wings 3 Oilers 2, that was close

Ok, not a terrible game overall by the Wings, but not something that made me stand up and scream "SUCK IT, that's how you play!" No instead, I was forced to simply mutter well done, way to go, in a very nice lady like voice.

Unfortunately I was once again slightly distracted during the game....but was still able to watch it...My friend, a non hockey, non sports fan, came over while the game was on so we could begin to plan and determine exactly what we need for our rather intense beer bong tournament this Saturday. That’s right, we take this shit VERY seriously. It’s Big Ten vs Pac Ten and as a Spartan alumnus I plan to bring my A game…well anyway, despite her love for all drinking games and general debauchery, she is surprisingly not a hockey fan..go figure.

Her only observation during the game aside from her overall confusion at the Dr. Rahmani commercial and Datsyuk in general, was that Zetterberg looks like Jared Leto. This realization was something she chose to focus on (unfortunately) for the rest of the game while I thoroughly scared her with my non stop yelling, bitching, and cheering at the tv.

Ok it's Wednesday, I'm tired, and now I'm rambling...onto the game! Apparently Coach Homer was correct and he did play last night. Although once again he was not on his usual line and was essentially rendered useless. Maybe it would have been better if they had in fact put him in goal??? Lebda sat for Chelios...don't even get me started...I don't get it and I don't like it. However I refuse to once again go into my tirade of playing Lebda and Ericsson together.

While ConkBlock did have some nice saves he certainly was not his usually solid self. Was he worried about which schizophrenic Wings defense he was going to get? Was his confidence shot from his last game? Or did Ozzie slip a laxative in his Gatorade causing Conklin to worry more about the inevitable skid marks then his overall positioning??...we can't be sure but at least he pulled off a win.

The first period was in a way reminiscent of Calgary. Enough said...I'm done with that debacle

The second period I dare say the Wings dominated. YadaYadaYada they had 17 shots to the Oilers 4 and overall controlled the puck and the tempo of the game. But without any really fire under their ass (no no no it doesn't have to sting when you pee) or maybe I should say any real motivation they weren't able to tie the game.

The third period....oh THERE are the WINGS! They came out looking for the win. And they of course got it. Mule played great...I guess currently we are witnessing 2008 playoffs Mule as opposed to Mule aka the first Tomas Kopecky. I also thought that Ericsson played well which leads me to.........oh yes hold on to your hats, loved ones, and favorite bodily parts for this...

I think it has become a requirement of all males within a 123.2 mile radius of the metro Detroit area (don’t ask how I got the number it is far to scientific and involved to explain) to have a serious man crush on the powerhouse that is Jonny Ericsson. That’s why when he almost scored in the second period I braced myself for a nuclear meltdown….could the world handle the excitement and unadulterated joy which was sure to ensue???…well unfortunately he did not score in that period but he seemed on all night so I was certainly on edge waiting for something to happen....

And then he did it…not only did he score his first NHL goal of the season, but he also tied up the long and drawn out game. At that moment I was prepared for 3 events to simultaneously take place due to the one and only Jonathan Ericsson single handily pushing the Earth off its axis...

1. Armageddon, obviously
2. everyone in America to finally decide that both American Idol and Dancing With the Stars are leading to the fall of our children and our IQs
3. the secret of what allows peeps to last for 33.45 years on the shelf was revealed.

These three events by themselves, let alone together, are sure to have grave consequences. Oh trust me it happened and you won’t notice the affects until years later…we felt the giant fart bubble earthquake of excitement all the way here in Phoenix…

Overall, the Wings won, but only by one goal....with the playoffs just around the corner I was hoping for a more decisive win and a much stronger and better put together team... But I will save my pessimism until later.....

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