Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wings, Oilers

Wings are in Edmonton tonight for a back to back game with you guessed it....a desperate team. I feel as though this should read blah blah blah Osgood blah blah blah defensive issues blah blah blah Red Wings need to come to play. Alright? Got that? Take any of the last game day posts, subtract the players names and insert here! Perfect! That's about as much of a set up as I am prepared to do today.

Few other tidbits:

Dwayne Roloson is an ass hole

According to Puck Daddy their are some very lame Oilers fans out there. Yep that's right he is rockin a McLovin jersey. The only way to punish the defacement of a classic teen comedy is with a punishment from another such movie. Anyone wearing a McLovin jersey will be forced to wrestle one another in a blow up pool of lube.....

That's about it....oh wait.....one last thought....

Wings got Hossa this summer Edmonton...SUCK IT.

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