Friday, March 20, 2009

Wings, Tharashes

The Wings play the Thrashers tonight. And although the Thrashers have as much of a chance of making the playoffs as Sidney Crosby does of growing decent facial hair, the Wings still should not take them lightly. This Tuesday they recently handed Ovechkin and company their manhood on a silver platter and caused the Great Eight to hold off on his 50th goal celebration. At the 2:47 mark of the below video, Lehtonen has quite a save. Amazing acrobatics, or just a lucky bastard....either way, I hope the Wings come ready to play.

As always for a professional pregame update (something that doesn't really take place here), head on over to On the Wings, where Matt, once again provides some intelligent insight.

Still sounds like Filppula will not be playing tonight. Although in his absence the lines may or may not be a cluster fuck, I would rather he was 100% and didn't aggravate his injury against the Thrashers. Speaking of which, I was never sure what the hell a Thrasher was, but of course the guys at The Triple Deke solve that mystery faster than Jessica Lange and McGyver combined. Thanks guys!
Some slightly positive news on the Lilja front....apparently he will be traveling to Canada to hopefully, practice with the team. Thats an improvement from the past reports.

A littel hug on this Friday Morning...

Anyway, Great night in sports, Red Wings game and the Spartans play. Enjoy!

Update: I mentioned that the Thrashers held Ovechkin scoreless in their match up on Tuesday. Well apparently he was able to capitalize last night against the Lightening, and lets just say he had a goal celebration which apparently has twisted some whitie tighties in a bunch.

I am sure Don Cherry will be foaming at the mouth and changing his Depends all at the same time as a direct result of his excitement to rip Ovechkin a new one over this celebration.

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