Monday, March 9, 2009

More Monday Musings

Well the good news is Hossa skated in practice today. He will not be playing on Tuesday but Thursday is a possibility. Please, please, please say it is so!

Unfortunately, our resident elf Happy Hudler, did not practice today as he was out sick. Luckily, Babcock said it is just the flu and they are hoping he will be fine for tomorrows game.

Lilja went in for some more tests today and Ericsson continued to practice with the Wings. Lilja has still been having severe headaches which is obviously a concern.

Below are the lines they practiced with according to George Malik at Snapshots....however at this point I throw my hands up...who knows what tomorrow will your magic Mike!



Conklin (starting)

And A little something just because it's Monday from Puck Daddy....

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