Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please not again...

Yep. That's what it felt like watching last nights game. You have no idea how it came to this point but you do know it really fricken hurts. (On a side note, my favorite part would be the people in the background who you know will start giggling uncontrollably under their breath while muttering dude that sucks, now out of the road...)

It was pretty difficult to watch the game and it made me realize what other fans go through when their teams play the Wings. The Flames had control of the puck for most of the first and second period. It really looked as though Detroit was simply reacting to everything that they were doing.....they were simply off their game.

After the first 2 Calgary goals I had a difficult time watching because 1. I didn't really want to go to sleep in a pissed off mood and thought maybe if I ignored it or pretended it wasn't happening the Wings would come back, and 2. My 5 pound Maltipoo puppy decided that her new favorite activity was to dig up and eat carpet from various places around the house. Keep in mind it was a Maltipoo that recently attacked the ex French President in the throat while he was sleeping....so when she gives me the stank eye, I take it seriously.....

Alright I digress, so despite chasing my tiny dog who I know call 'diablo' around and responding to my sisters insanely fast text messages, I was still able to look up and catch most of the game. All three Ozzie goals were incredibly soft. You know that corner he was coming around, well apparently he decided to flip a bitch and go back the other way....My constant defense of him to other hockey fans around the office has now turned me into some what of a Side Bob circus show freak...thanks.

Ozzie gave this beauty of a quote to Ansar Khan:

"I don't think about it at all. I just move on and play the next game," Osgood said. "If this happens a day before the playoffs, it doesn't matter to me. It matters what happens in the first game (of the playoffs)."

While I'm glad that he is hoping to ONCE AGAIN shake it off, it might be nice to see him get pissed off and do something about it.

But the poor performance cannot just be placed on Osgood...the entire team apparently was still celebrating their win in Atlanta, and forgot they had another game to play. My sister had a startling moment of poignancy and clarity when she text we to say "tonight hasn't been a team effort...it's just a small string of individual performances." Wow spot on...but then she followed it up with "OMG did you see the guy behind the Wings net, he looks exactly like Danny DeVito...but I'm not being mean, just saying...." Well I chose to ignore the second txt and focus on the first and determined that her time at Grand Valley has certainly paid off...no not the educational opportunities, but all the Griffins games she gets to watch....

Either way she was right, they did not come out to play together, they lost the puck so much in the neutral zone in the first and second, and despite Ozzie often being in great position, he still let in unnecessary goals.

A few final thoughts, the refs were atrocious. Maybe no one else wants to say it, so I will. Apparently Mike Keenan's little girl whining paid off, and Calgary only had one minor and TWO early whistles which cost the Wings two goals....pathetic. Apparently Gary Bitchman heard about the blow to the balls the Wings were specifically working on for him by trying to sign Hossa, and he decided payback was necessary...I don't know.

On a positive note, Larry Murphy seemed much more lucid. I don't know if he stopped the medication, found the right dose of medication, or discovered that happy medium between slightly buzzed and shit faced drunk...but whatever it was, I hope he keeps it up!

Alright, no more, in my best Osgood impersonation, I am just going to shake this off. My dad txt me at the end of the game and said "that was ugly, good night." No dad, ugly is Rosanne Barr in a leopard print leotard, that was pitiful....

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