Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No, No, No

Hmmmm well according to On the Wings, Homer is injured again and will not play tonight. He has listed himself as day to day. Apparently he hit a rut in the ice and twisted his knee. Personally I think Gary Bettmen offered the refs a paid vacation to Tahiti, and a chance to rub Sidney Crosby's wavy locks, if they could accidentally take care of the "Holmstrom Problem." Either way the Wings will be down two forwards.

So guess what that means! All 8 defensemen will dress. Oh goody! My eyes were still a little blurry from trying to follow Helm around the ice while he was up here. Now that Chelios will be playing they can take a much needed break and focus on him trying to keep up with the youngsters.

Before you say anything, yep Meech will be playing forward, and now hold your breath....Lebda was practicing at center. Not sure if he will actually play there during the game. I get Mikey's point here, Lebda already jumps into the play, he's fast, nice shot, (at least this is what I am telling myself so I don't revert into a crying 3 year old underneath my desk, apparently corporate American looks down on this...) but if they do have him play forward.....who will play with Chelios? Yep threw up in my mouth a bit...who is going to be able to haul ass back to make up for 'speed lightening's' moves?

As everyone, their mother, their grandmother, and my best friend who hates sports has already pointed out, (yep I'm slow this morning) the Flyers have not won at the Joe since Nov. 4, 1988. Hopefully despite their sure to be interesting line combinations, and the absence of Homer's ass, the Wings will come to play and ensure that Wing Nut generations to come can say the Flyers have not won at the Joe since Nov. 4, 1988....nice ring to it....

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  1. I just came to read your blog for a nice laugh after a depressing class about female infanticide. Instead, I want to gouge my eyes out with a pencil. Maybe it's a good thing I'll be in class discussing PROUST (*sarcasm*) instead of watching this game. This may go down as the worst day in history.

    Please text me updates :)