Friday, March 27, 2009

Wings, Islanders....

Alright not much to say here. The Wings play the Islanders tonight. And yes, the Islanders are in last place. So for Red Wings fans, this game will surely be as nerve racking as if we were playing San Jose or Boston. No that wasn't sarcasm. Here's hoping they come to play and don't expect it to be an easy win.

Ozzie starts tonight. The lines were a bit random at practice yesterday with Hudler centering the third line. Apparently this was just to allow him some time with Samuelsson....but with Babcock and the cluster of line changes that have taken place this season, who really knows what to expect.


For more notes on the game head to On the Wings or Able to Yzerman. Really I am just hoping they do not take this team lightly...we have seen how well that turns out this season....

Random picture but I really like it.....what do you think he is telling him? Here are my thoughts:

That's a good boy

It's ok, please don't cry

Alright, alright you can come this time if you promise not to wet yourself again

No Hillarie Duff is not going to be in the stands any more...let it go.

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  1. .... Go Green ...

    about 12 more of these and we will have conjured up enough positive vibe for a W.