Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So while I was bored yesterday I spent some time searching around youtube and I found the below clip very entertaining. Now when my sister and I were growing up we both played sports (encouragement from our dad) and were dancers (encouragement from mom). Well my little sister tended to excel in dance and myself in sports (although neither one of us were successful tom boys). But I wanted her to play sports like me so I was on a mission to 'toughen' her up. This involved me taking her outside, instructing her to stand against our brick garage wall, and allow me to kick soccer balls at her, so she would no longer be afraid....(yes I know I know neither a good idea in theory or execution).

Well when my mom found us she was not too thrilled. So in my infinite wisdom and anger I threw the soccer ball against the garage in protest of my punishment, and as it sailed back at me and smacked me in the face resulting in a bloody nose and tears, I was reminded of the below clip. Yep, I enjoy watching people make asses of themselves....

(Note: we were very young and no one but myself was injured. Sorry Pin.)

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  1. 1) You update a lot, which I love, but often times I miss some of your posts. I'm so very glad that I stumbled upon this one.

    2) I JUST told Rachael that story as we were walking into the Griffins game on Sunday...good timing!

    3) I'm still mad at you for trying to "toughen me up"

    4) I think you're far too gracious when you say that I played sports. Mostly I just did cartwheels on the soccer field or ran away from the ball at basketball games. But thanks!