Friday, March 27, 2009

Adios, au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen...don't come back

Just thought I would share a great write up from On Frozen Blog regarding the pariah that is Don Koharski. I'm sure you have heard that he is retiring. You can be certain that Gary Bitchman and his evil minions will chose to celebrate the legendary and honorable career of Koharski.

Myself and many fans alike will disagree, but you can read about that much more thoroughly in On Frozen Blog.

While growing up our family could instantly tell if Koharski was officiating a Wings game from my Dad's very obvious disgust and general demeanour. In fact, I hold Koharski personally responsible for my learning at the age of 5 to yell and bitch at the TV like a 45 year old man. (I am sure my mom would love to send a fruit basket as a thank you for that lovely habit) He was the bane of my dad and grandpa's existence every time he was on the ice during a Detroit game, and I am sure they were not alone in this sentiment.

So farewell, we bid you adieu. I can assure you he will be missed as much as a lovely patch of inflamed back acne....yeah I know that was gross...

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