Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The streak continues

That was certainly a hockey game. The kind of game that causes you to pop anxiety pills and drink copious amounts of alcohol at the same time. Between stressing every time the Wings were in the Flyers zone and couldn’t convert, to wondering when Versus was going to cut to Marty Brodeur , to learning my dad, while stressed, is capable of repeatedly texting me his thoughts on the game, it was a lot to take in.

So overall, a nice solid game from the Wings. The first two periods I was seriously concerned it would turn into the type of game where the Wings dominated, but due to a few lapses in judgment they would lose. Luckily Pavel freakaleak Datsyuk had other thoughts!

Low point of the game, Hartnell the perpetual douchnozzle , scored the first goal. Yep, it was all sorts of nastiness. The kind that doesn’t usually come up until the morning after one too many drinks. To make it worse he got an assist on the second goal. At this point I was concerned Hartnell was going to bend the Wings over himself and make them his jailhouse bitches. But then I settled myself down and remembered who the hell I was talking about.

Both Philly goals were the result of Detroit getting stuck deep in the offensive zone. They had some transitional breakdowns and the Flyers had a few cross ice passes the Wings couldn’t stop. The second goal Kronwall lost the puck behind Philly’s net and Stuart was on his own. I was going to say it was a bit of a soft goal for Ozzie, but then I remembered that he had stopped a breakaway earlier in the game and decided not to go there. Kronwall should not have gotten himself into that position.

At this point I was so nervous that I had some weird desire to bite my nails or scratch my arms like some strung out meth addict. This made the fact that each time the Wings stopped the Flyers in their zone, the hockey geniuses that are the Versus announcers, decided their catch phrase of the night would be “Detroit survived another.” What’s with all the impending doom? Knock it off.

Luckily Datsyuk took it upon himself to calm the nerves of many anxious Wings faithful. (Yes anxious and faithful sound weird in the same sentence, but how else would you describe it?) With three minutes left in the second, Dats had a beautiful wrist shot to make the score 2-1. Slight sigh of relief and I change the channel to the Gilmore Girls because I can’t listen to the Versus broadcasters salivate over Roy anymore ... Back in time to see Marty break the record.

Ahhh third period, after ending the second with a stiff momentum swing. Once again Datsyuk brought the puck in, avoided a check and sent a sick pass over to Franzen who absolutely buried the one timer. I was tempted at this point to scream Datsyuk 2- Philly 2, but I had to give Mule credit, he made the one timer count while being in great position. But really, if Datsyuk is on the ice, for the most part you are always in great position. I also liked Hossa-Dats-Mule on the same line.

Game winning goal was of course from Zetterberg. Really showed his commitment to all zones. After his nice hit in the Wings Zone (For some reason I felt the need to scream “Kick his ass Sea Bass” ) Philly turned the puck over and Zetterberg hauled ass down the ice collected the pass and got a nice wrist shot past Biron. Assist goes to Big Rig who was calm and patient with the puck. I think it’s time to sign up for Babcock’s Jonny Ericsson fan club.

Ridunkulous moment of the night ALMOST came during the third period when the donkey dick that is Hartnell decided to go after Datsyuk….yeah classy move Dbag. But the moment that takes it happened when I switched over to the Phoenix/San Jose game and during the first intermission they were interviewing the Coyote mascot. Yep, that’s right, they spent a good 5 minutes having a conversation with a stuffed Coyote, which obviously was not going to respond. But there were some pretty sweet fist pumps and knuckle taps just to show the kids they were down with that. Anyway, end of second and Phoenix leads 3-1.

Overall, good hockey night.

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