Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Unfortunately I was not able to see the entire game. I basically saw the first and third periods. And that was more then enough. The first period was great to watch. You could hear and feel the crowd at the Joe...they were into it! The energy was the same thing you get in a smoke filled casino in the middle of the day when the 70 and older crowd is toting their oxygen tanks and cartons of marborls from slot machine to slot machine. I mean these people are intense they rub and talk to their machines and you sure as hell don't interrupt them. Just stick a catheter in and let them go....ok gross, but you get the point people were excited! It was definitely a scrappy period. Apparently the flames took exception every single time the Wings were in front of their net. After each whistle there was at least some sort of scuffle, cross checking, or face washing. My personal favorite was when a Flames player (didn't catch his name..) asked Zetterberg if he wanted to go, Z shook his head no. Datsyuk of course got into the middle of a few things and Mule took a nice punch to the head. What the hell that seems to happen a lot... Needless to say this resulted in a LARGE number of penalty minutes for the Flames (yeah too lazy to look it up right now...) the 4 Calgary players in the penalty box looked awfully cozy together! The Wings had a record 28 shots in the first period.

Cleary also left after a brutal hit from behind by one celine DION. (Oh yeah cleaver, I know) This resulted in a 5 minute major and of course Keenan had to bitch about that. At the end of the first the Wings were ahead 2-1 (soft power play goal for the Flames)

Missed the second period as I was out on a VERY important Taco Bell run. Judge if you will but when you are craving the ooey goodness of a nacho bell grande a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. But my little sister was sure to keep me up to date on all the details. Lidstrom and FILPPULA scored apparently. Oh yeah Fil is on quite a hot least some one is! So not much to say here 4-2 Wings at the end of the second.

And then we meet Dr. Jekyll in the third. (thats the bad one right?) Apparently they forgot they still had to play 20 minutes...I don't really know how else to explain it...but their play was very reminiscent of the last two Saturdays. Anyway, this resulted in 3 goals in under 4 minutes or something ridunkulous like that. At least Cleary was able to tie it up so the Wings left with a point after they lost in the shoot out. Zetterberg and Happy missed but Dats had a pretty goal.

Is something wrong with Zetterberg? Is there maybe an injury we don't know about....I know stupid speculation but the last 4 or 5 games it just seems like he keeps losing the puck off his stick. Very uncharacteristic. He even did so in the shootout tonight. I know he scored in the first but he has not been up to his usual greatness. Even when he is playing with his fellow Eurotwin...thats saying something.

Tonight once again demonstrated that the Wings issues do not merely stem from goal tending. It's as though they completely lack focus defensively. I understand and appreciate the puck possession game. Obviously this style of play won the cup for them, but sometimes you have to dump the puck along the boards out of your own end. There have been too many soft give aways in the neutral zone and their own end and it has been the downfall. That and their inability to put a full 60 minute game together.

Wow well that was absolutely too intense and serious for me. I am now going to step point in speculating as I have no freaking idea what to expect from the Wings. I am off to entertain myself on facebook.......yep just joined, finally caved, and I think I get the obsession.

So I will leave you with my favorite part of the game. Zetterbergs hit on Phaneuf. Enough said...

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