Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Day The Hate Died?

Alright, quick post since this weekend back in Michigan is absolutely crazy and busy. But this was news that I had to stop everything and post. When I first read it I was probably as confused as.... well, Chris Pronger attempting to figure out the square root of 100. Chris Pronger has been traded to the Philadelphia Flyers.

I hate the fucker. My hate and general dislike for him is well documented. In fact at one point I may or may not have compared him to a dirty used cum rag under a bed. So when I found out I would no longer have to cringe every time he raised his elbows in the general direction of Detroit, I was elated and yet conflicted.

On the one side, I do not have to look at this piece of shit multiple times a year. That perpetually confused and painful look on his face will no longer continuously occupy my tv screen. It will also be incredibly entertaining to watch Crosby play against him so often. Oh what a gift from sweet baby Jesus this is. Not only will we get to see Crosby grab his pussy and cry even more than usual, but we get to listen to Chris Prongers lecture on the "law of physics" multiple times a year. Ha. If you ever felt the need to lose a few brain cells without the consumption of alcohol, well this feeble attempt of justification will do it for you. *sigh, I just need to sit back and enjoy the thought of Crosby waking up in terror thinking about the giant elbow from hell heading toward his precious little head while Mario brings him a glass of warm milk to calm his nerves....

So while there are positives from the trade, it will be weird to play the Ducks and not see Pronger on the blue only problem is, can I spread ALL the hate I have for this team between Perry and Getzlaf...I guess we'll find out soon enough.

More on the draft soon

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  1. I don't mind Getzlaf as he is a genuinely talented player; it's Perry who I really detest after Sasquatch.