Thursday, June 4, 2009

And it's a must win

Tuesdays game was certainly a disappointment. A certain black cloud will now hang over that date. A dark day for me if you will. Something to dread. But the great thing about the Wings, they've already let it go. Moved on. They will use it for motivation tonight. The reports I've read about their optional practice on Wednesday, Zetterberg and Lidstrom decided it would be important to skate, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Yep, the leaders of the team are ready. They want to crush the hopes of Crosby and his prepubescent fans. While at the same time pissing Gary off so completely that he hits two women with a bar stool. I've been driving this point all series, it's important to be driven and focused, but it's also just as important to be loose and to absolutely love what you do.

They will be ready for tonight's game. Sure the officiating has been inconsistent. But it's not a surprise. It's been awful throughout the playoffs. Disappointing, infuriating, but far from shocking. In fact it's sad, but you can almost predict what will occur and when. The good news....Detroit has fought through this adversity in the past. Game 7 of the Anaheim series, two 5 on 3s for Detroit. Their penalty kill, which has been weak all year, somehow battled through that, and of course you know they won the game. My point, when the Wings feel as though they're pushed against a wall, kicked while they're down, or maybe I should say elbowed in head, they respond.

Tonight hopefully will be a prime example of this. Game 4 is a must win for Detroit. I hate to sound so dramatic and foreboding, but if there ever was such a thing as a must you go. It's tonight. If Detroit pulls off a win, there is a serious swing in momentum. If Pittsburgh ties it up...well we have a tired Wings team essentially starting from scratch. But I don't need to point that out to you.

So what are the keys for Detroit?

They need to improve on the penalty kill. Pittsburgh is much weaker during a 5 on 5 situation. Obviously special teams will be huge tonight.

Diminish turnovers all together. But specifically in their zone and through the neutral zone. Shorten the outlet passes and focus on the small simple plays. The chances to capitalize will come.

Ozzie needs to have a stand out game.....yeah no pressure there....but he thrives on this shit. Praise never seems to work for Osgood, it seems to be is kryptonite, but criticism, well he seems to feed off it. I think he enjoys giving the media and his critics the proverbial middle finger.

Hossa needs to show up and play a full game. While I would love to see him continue his game 4 scoring streak, even if he drives hard to the net, fights be be first to the puck, and is strong defensively, it will make a huge difference for his team. Up until this point, he has almost seemed lost, or too intent on doing everything on his own.

Match ups will be an issue. Babcock seemed to be a bit surprised and unhappy with Zetterbergs high ice time. It will be interesting to see Mike's plan for game 4.

Pittsburgh is going to come out flying in the first. They now feel as though they should be winning this, skating with Detroit. It will be important for Detroit to respond carefully, yet convincingly. Let those little fuckers wear themselves out.

Oh,What he said.

And the wild card.....Datsyuk. As a game time decision. All I can do is sit in a puddle of stress and cold sweats (which is hard to do in Phoenix during the summer) until we find out if he is available. During his presser on Wednesday he had this to say:

Oh, I tell you, just this is not fun to watch. I take in lots of beer. But it’s better when you play in the game and you be there with the teammates on the ice. Try to help.

The game is 60 minutes, I hope I play 60 minutes. But we make a decision tomorrow morning. There’s no how much I play, but I try to work with what I have this time.

Yeah for some reason, I'm not sure he was joking about the whole beer know how stressful this shit has been for the fans, now multiple that times 100 for the players.... Every time they have a breakdown defensively or a penalty kill, he may have needed something stronger than a beer. You can tell he wants this, can taste the cup, it's right there. And if he can play, well that Dangling little bastard will be out there.

Tonight is a pivotal moment in the Wings run to the cup. It's been established that they may be competing against two opponents. I'm not saying it's a conspiracy theory, but it certainly is incompetence. Detroit will have to play a smart and disciplined game while still being alert and aware of possible cheap shots. Emotions will be high, sticks and elbows flying.

But these are the Red Wings. They know what is expected of them and what they need to do to win. Babcock....yeah enough said, he's probably cackling in his office while reviewing his master plan to drive Sidney Crosby bat shit crazy. And Zetterberg, we'll he's a willing participant in that. Keep Crosby off the scoreboard tonight, and we may see a bitchfit full of anal fisting and hair pulling.

Thursday's here. The Wings are ready. Me? Oh I'm a fucking ball of stress unable to hold down solid food but making up for it with high alcohol consumption.

But if you would like to calm your nerves for a few minutes, enjoy the video below. Apparently it is played before each game at the Joe. I however wouldn't know being stuck out here in hockey hell...

I think it's time that Pittsburgh got to experience a little Dangle Dangle tonight....


  1. I'm feeling nervous already and wishing I was around copious amounts of alcohol. I can't wait for the game and to see #13 on the ice.

  2. Wings_Fan_In_KC says:

    Well, that game was a huge shit sandwich wasn't it?

  3. Wings fan in KC,

    What is worse than a shit sandwich??