Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok, now I'm not trying to stand on a soap box here. Honestly, I'm not. Even if I did at 5'4'' it probably wouldn't make me that much bigger or intimidating so I don't try. If fact, during my first two posts since game 7 I tried to ignore all this shit and assume once the parade took place and the summer cup plans began to form the Penguins fans would just go away celebrate and stop bitching. But apparently that isn't possible. So now, with little else going on, I guess I'll address it.

I've received a number of emails from Pens fans gloating, bragging, and revealing in the Wings loss. Ok I get that. You're excited, happy you won the cup. Maybe I'll even share a few of the emails on here later today. Bragging I get. I find it entertaining. And you know what, your team won.....so you should brag. Be arrogant cocky little motherfuckers. What I don't get is the whiny, bitchy, cunty (yes that's a word now) complaints from Pens fans. Concerned more with Wings fans opinions of them than celebrating their cup win. More concerned with how they are treated and perceived by the Wings than celebrating their victory. Which is surprising really since Gary decided to market his very own Sidney Crosby Masturbation Palace all last year despite the fact that the Pens had lost. Really they have no reason to bitch about this, go out and fucking celebrate. But instead of going to the parade, they decided to sit at their computers and bitch about their teams lack of credit. It honestly makes you wonder what sort of self esteem issues we're dealing with.

If the Wings won this year, the last thing I would be discussing is the fact that Sidney Crosby's face looks like a dirty queef, or that Malkin's parents are as famous as he is simply for repeatedly dry humping in public, or that Hal Gill should join the Steelers defensive line once he retires. No. Instead I'd congratulate the Wings and essentially discuss the same things I did with the loss. I'd be proud of the Wings, I'd brag, but I sure as hell wouldn't be a whiny little cunt looking for validation from other teams fans.

Perhaps what is even more shocking is the msm has exemplified this same sort of low self esteem attitude. Take note of the 'dirty' Beaver County times. Maybe the problem is I can't take a publication called the Beaver seriously, but here's what they had to bitch about, I mean say:

It goes back to Original Six conceit. When the Penguins led 2-0 in the third period, I thought the traditionalists on press row were going to weep. When Detroit cut the lead in half, hope sprang eternal.

Notice Lidstrom didn’t complain. Just the has-been forward that piggybacked his way to a fistful of rings. Crosby didn’t complain when Draper inexplicably stole his spot on Team Canada for the 2006 Winter Olympics. Canadians, however, complained when their low-octane team lost in the quarterfinals.

And that brings us to "the incident." The handshake snub. Do I think it was wrong of Crosby. Hell yes. Was I pissed when Chelios didn't shake hands in Anaheim. Yep. But I was glad he at least apologized. Crosby has been playing hockey since he could walk. He has won championships in the past, as a captain, and knows he is to lead the handshake line. This is an area where hockey differentiates itself from other sports. Shows that sportsmanship is still alive. Now just as wrong as it was, it is just as easy to say he was caught up in the moment. He's 21 that's easy to do. But being the "savior" of the NHL, being our "hockey Jesus" he should have noticed his error and apologized. He's a role model to young hockey players and shouldn't he be expected to set an example?? It's not as though Tyler Kennedy was late to the line because he was tongue fucking his hockey stick.

Nope. This is the leagues poster boy and responsibility comes with big contracts, endorsements, and fame. But I guess it was too much to expect of a spoiled child, who has been labeled North America's hockey savior, to show a bit of humility and class. You know in a way, I feel bad for him...not sure he had a chance not to be a douche.

Just my two cents. I just hope the bitching, whining, and poor me Pens attitudes dissipates and their fans are able to fully enjoy a cup win....because don't expect it to happen again next year.

And I thought all I would have to worry about this off season and next season was having the sour nectar of hockey Jesus repeatedly shoved down my throat. Sigh.

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  1. If Crosby would just apologize this whole thing would go away but he won't which says more about his character than anything. Pens fans think we don't respect him and that is correct. I do think he is a very talented hockey player but his antics are what bother me. The whole incident in Washington after Ovechkin's hat trick still really bothers me. That shows you right there that Crosby does not know how to be a good sport.

    Anyway, can the Pens fans stop whining now and go celebrate their Cup?