Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shocking News, a few days late

Wow. So I totally suck. No, and it's not just because I used the word totally in a way which will make 40 something ex valley girls proud, but because I have failed to update this blog in quite a while and there has been a great deal of Red Wings news. So as punishment, I locked myself in a room and was forced to listen and watch interviews consisting of just of Betteman, Roenick, and everyones favorite mouth breather Malkin. Yes it was painful and I began to sufficate from the large egos in the room. After 3 minutes I was convinced I entered the inner ring of hell. I half expected to run into C. Lemiuex and Pronger sharing a glass of beer...but apparently this was justified because my lack of updates caused my sister to warn me that if I don't shape up, she will force me to get a Mike Green kickass tribal tattoo, just to honor how pathetic I am. So here we go. The quick and dirty Red Wings news looooooong after everyone else has already covered it. Yep that's how I roll here at Bingo Bango.

Well I guess all of the recent news can be considered about as shocking as a young college student waking up next to a pile of puke with a scratchy crotch....yep he had his beer goggles on.

First up, Chris Chelios is no longer a Wing. I know I have been a total bitch about him. In fact I am pretty sure that I asked my doctor just to bill him for my ulcer since this playoff run he was solely responsible for it's growth, but now that he's gone, it's sad to see the end of an era. Of course Holland and the entire Wings organization handled this transition with class....I wouldn't expect anything less. I always thought this season would be his swan song, but apparently he still wants to play and contribute. A guy like Chelios should be able to retire when he wants. Hope there's a team out there he can hook up with.

Second throw you out of your seat moment; Babcock is named Team Canada's hockey coach. I know, I know try to keep up. It was shocking and unexpected. I thought for sure Keenan would be named head coach...oh wait, never mind. Well Babs has his work cut out for him here. Due to lack of sleep and confusion over trying to decide how to maximize Zetterberg's talent, while also attempting to find a way to ensure Crosby does not to turn into a total bitch against him for the 3rd year in a row, we can expect a great deal of random babbling and intense cliches coming from Babcock. Yes more Babcock dribble and confused reporters than normal....But all kidding aside, he obviously was Stevie's best choice. But let's be honest, if Yzerman said it was a good idea to run through the streets of Detroit naked......well let's just hope he doesn't suggest's probably just better for everyone.

And this brings us to the third piece of news. Steve Yzerman inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Nothing I can say could possibly honor this moment. The greatest captain, The Captain, will have his rightful place in the hall. I remember growing up watching and idolizing him like so many other kids in Michigan. In my 5th grade class we had to write an "autobiography" from the standpoint of our favorite famous person. We then had to dress up and read our little paper. While all the other girls were princesses and actresses, I proudly wore my number 19 jersey and spoke about the skill and leadership of The Captain. His humbleness, work ethic, and talent will always be remembered. I cannot possibly give him justice here. The Triple Deke and A2Y sum it up best.

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  1. I can relate to the part about your Yzerman autobiography. It was tough growing up being a girl with a serious and at times debilitating hockey addiction.