Monday, June 15, 2009

One door closes....another opens

Well I'm back from the bright lights of Vegas, perhaps still hung over, but back and continuing to grieve the loss of the Stanley Cup. It's bizarre and I am completely incapable of explaining the disappointment to non Wings fans. I know life goes on...the rest of the sporting world has probably picked up and already forgotten the NHL even exists. I mean sure, the sun still came up this morning, sure it's still hot enough to sweat your balls off in Phoenix, Larry Murphy is probably more hungover than I am, and Pierre McGuire now has a new masturbation photo collection. Everyone else has moved it's my turn to eventually get over this loss.

Apparently though I am a masochist, because after getting home last night, I watched game 7. I don't know, maybe in years to come a team of experienced and dedicated therapists will attempt to understand the self torture I decided to inflict upon myself. I don't know, it certainly didn't make me feel any better. I didn't offer any closure, I now just feel as though I am about 2 days behind the rest of Hockeytown in the grieving process.

A few quick points, and trust me there will be no elaboration.

  • Turnovers/giveaways and generally slutty, loose behavior with the puck. I don't know some sort of chastity belt is needed....
  • Failure to drive the net during the first two periods
  • Inability to establish a strong forecheck
  • And for the first time in a long time, the wings seemed scared and matter what they may have said to the media, the confidence wasn't there
  • Part of what has been so great about this team is there ability to move as one unit. Anticipate their linemates next move. Maybe this is a result of all the line changes caused by injuries and matchups, but they seemed lost and like 5 players each working separately.
  • Oh, and it was quite obvious that the fans were booing Gary and not Crosby. It happened last year in Pittsburgh as well. No one booed Lidstrom, they booed that little cocksucker Betteman. And I'm sure the same thing will happen again next year, so STFU.

Now I'm really not trying to bitch and complain about the Wings. Just wanted to say a few final thoughts about game 7. Although I really wish I had the self control not to watch it. Despite knowing I shouldn't watch it, having it on my DVR taunting me, is like putting a keg and a pack of condoms in a frat house and telling them not to touch either one...

Over at The Triple Deke Tyler has one of those heartbreaking, stomach turning, Humane Society commercial, type pictures of Kronwall hanging his head. So if you're a masochist like myself, be sure to look at that photo again....after all their hard work, after fighting through the adversity, after being the first cup champion in 6 years to make it past the first round, they lose game 7 at home.

All this season there has been discussion about the Wings hunger. Their ability to turn "it" on after they are down a goal or two. A Stanley Cup hangover if you will. Well after seeing pictures like the one of Kronwall, and after seeing Crosby lift the cup in front of their fans, you have to assume that raw desire will be back for the 09-10 season. Because despite this devastating loss, this is still a team of champions, a team which holds winning in such high regard that they ALL sign under market value contracts to stay. A team we can all still, and will continue to be proud of.

Ok so apparently in this post I have mentioned the need to move on about 500 times...but in my sleep deprived fucked up mind, I have reasoned that if I keep writing it, then it will come true. So here we go again, time to move on and look to the future. And how can we possibly talk about next season without mentioning Hossa.

The injury reports have come out. I've read and heard a number of different things. From the Lidstrom testicle (which I knew about, but surgery....fuck that is dedication), Rafalski's herniated disk, Drapers torn throat cartilage, Ericsson with some foot issue, Cleary's groin which was apparently torn away from the bone, and Datsyuk who apparently is "too empty" to discuss his broken big toe/charlie horse. And these are just the injuries we know about....but nothing has been said about Hossa. Nothing. Since I am still all sorts of bitchy, I will have to wait and dive into this further at a later time, but I half expected to hear he was playing with a pulled groin, bad knee, and mysteriously missing pinkie. I don't know something. Something other than the lack of mental strength to get over the fact that they were playing the Penguins in the finals...I don't know, I'm a bit surprised.

But with that being said, I think he will be back next year. I think Holland has made it a priority. I think Hossa likes it with the Wings, and despite the loss this year, the Wings will still be cup contenders for quite some time. And yes I know that last sentence contradicts everything you have read from the media this past weekend...oh and of course Gary essentially dethroning and bitchslapping the Wings organization at center ice at the Joe.....but that's ok. I like it. Count out the Wings, enjoy your moment under your hockey Jesus' smile. Because next year, and for years to come, the Wings continuous dominance will only feel better knowing they were counted out.

This off season should be pretty interesting. Hudler, Samuelsson, Lebda, and Kopecky. Who stays, who goes, do we sacrifice depth to keep another star player? Are Leino and Abdelkader ready for the NHL? Will Leino even want to stay with the Wings? Helm, Ericsson, can they keep up their crazy pace for the entire NHL season? I don't know, I can speculate, make predictions and due to utter hockey withdrawal this summer, I will probably take some guesses. But the reality is the Wings organization, Holland and Babcock, they know this team, they know what's best, and all we can do is accept their decisions. Because after two back to back seasons in the Stanley cup finals....clearly they know something no one else does.

I'll be back with more later. But for now, Lets Go Wings.


  1. From Snapshots:

    "Restricted free agent forward Ville Leino said he expects to get a deal done with the Wings but said he is done playing in Grand Rapids and would want to be assured he will have a roster spot on the team. Coach Mike Babcock said that isn't an issue, that Leino will be with the team."


  2. Thanks for keeping up this blog, Jessie--I've loved reading it since discovering it this spring. You're a funnier, even more foul-mouthed version of me, and I love ya for it.

    Go Wings.

    P.S. Sidney Crosby is a whiny cunt.

  3. I too expected to hear that Hossa was injured--not just hurt, injured. Even though I'm very biased toward the guy (he's my favorite player on the team), I refuse to believe for a second that there isn't something more wrong than the usual injuries you get during a playoff run.

    Not when he got injured right at the end of the regular season and then took a knee to knee hit at the end of the Chicago series. (I seem to remember an injury against the Ducks too, but I could have made that up.)

    The only thing I can come up with is that he doesn't want to come out--doesn't want it to seem like he's making excuses for his play. Even I'm not sure I buy that explanation, but I haven't come up with anything better and I'm still 100% convinced that something more than "It sucked having that pressure" was wrong with him.

  4. I'm still waiting on Hossa too. He just didn't look the same after Game 4 in the WCF. He was not strong on the puck or able to get off the kind of shots we saw in the regular season.