Friday, June 12, 2009

It's time

From Babcock:

“Well, the big thing Hossa has to understand is all he’s got to do is do what he does. We’ve talked about that. I asked him who scored the goals for Detroit in Game 6 last year in the Final? He didn’t know, and neither did I. That’s the facts. But I knew we won. Doesn't matter who scores the goals, none of that matters. What matters is do your part and allow the team to win. He’ll do that. He’ll be great.”

Enough said. Statistics, history, expectations none of it matters. The Wings just need to play their game, Red Wings Hockey.

I'm out. Taking off to Vegas for the weekend and hoping like hell I don't get grid locked on the Hoover Dam causing me to miss most of the game. If this happens, you may in fact read about some crazed girl running and screaming Ozzie, Ozzie or Sidney is a bitch, while weaving in and out of cars across the Nevada desert. But if for once in my life I am on time for a trip, I should just miss the first period. Here's hoping. If the Wings cement their destiny tonight, I will try to update, and check back....if the unspeakable happens (which it won't, it can't, not an option) you may have to send out a search party.....

12th on the 12th for the 12th.

Let's Go Wings.


  1. heartbreak. trying to stop crying at this point.

  2. WINGS FAN IN KC has been:






    23 Pairs.