Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Alright So I missed the first period and part of the second. But from what I can gather, the Wings did not play well in the first. They were apparently slow getting to the pucks and had some issues clearing their zone. So essentially, what the Wings have been doing during their entire playoff run. The difference, Ozzie had a poor game. He let in some goals he should have stopped. I rewatched the goals on my DVR and there were definitely two softies. Hopefully he can be able to regroup, read some articles from the press about his play, get pissed the fuck off, and come out like an Ozzie possessed on Thursday.

This recap is going to be short, quick, and dirty. Just like....well never mind. I don't want to harp on this game too much. It sucked, but I fully expected this shit to happen. For some reason game threes are haunting. The key will be for the Wings to rest and get ready for Thursday. They will need to have a much stronger effort if they want to maintain the lead in the series.

I think the officiating was poor. Not entirely sure how you can fail to count to 6, especially when some toddlers can do so in multiple languages. But, I will attempt to bite my tongue and hold off until Thursday. If this shit that went on tonight (cross check to the head anyone? Anyone? Gary you nasty little fucker?) goes on again....well I might as well just watch the NBA.

The Wings seemed to dominate during the second period and vastly out shot the Pens. However they didn't convert. For some reason they were not driving the net. I'm not sure if it's because they were constantly concerned about the matchups, because they weren't sure how the game would be called, or because they were simply trying to be too fancy, I don't know. But it has to change. The playoffs are full of dirty gritty goals, even more tainted than Bitchmans soul, so if they expected to come back on Thursday, they need to drive the net.

Once again there were far too many turn overs in the Wings zone. Seriously, they were giving it away more than a cheap whore. It's been like that all series and it needs to stop now.

For some reason they seem to struggle getting outlet passes to their forwards. I'm sure it's a result of the Penguins aggressive forecheck. But for fucks sake. Adjust. Pull the forwards back and just be a bit more explosive in the neutral zone.

Ummm shoot the damn puck. Yeah enough said about that.

Hossa needs to have a break out game. I saw bursts of effort from him today, and you can hate me for saying this, but if the fans didn't boo him when he was on the ice, I may not have noticed him. Yeah, since the Wings can't seem to break their poor pk streak, maybe Hossa won't break his Game 4 streak....either way, he needs to show why he deserves a 7 year contract and why he is more important than Detroit's depth players.....ummmmm yeah trust me I'll have more on that tomorrow....

They need both Datsyuk and Draper back. Datsyuk for obvious reasons. But you know what, I still don't expect him back....I don't know it's a nasty hunch eating away at my sun shinny personality. The same feeling I got about today's game. I think Draper would have helped greatly on the penalty kill, face offs, and when necessary the matchups.

Zetterberg, was well Zetterberg. You can tell he wants this one badly.

Helm had a great game. But mostly I was just happy he left with his head still attached. I wish I could say I was being sarcastic...but no really, it was ridiculous. You can tell he has pissed some people off in Pittsburgh.

Sidney Crosby is still a whiny little bitch and had the audacity to begin bitching to the refs right at the start of the second. If only he could learn a thing or two from his coach who seems to be a decent guy. Yeah I know....that sounded weird.

There is more I could say, but at this point I want to move on, well unless I let this fester too much tonight, and then I'm pissy trying to catch up on all my work tomorrow...but we'll see. This was a game they could have won and should have won. I said before that they need to split in Pittsburgh. I hope they don't look back and realize this was the one they needed to win.

The Penguins played well again. Like they have all series. Detroit still didn't bring their A game. That needs to change on Thursday. If Detroit plays to their potential, they should be able to win this. I can only hope that Lidstrom and Zetterberg can lead their team to another victory in game 4, and that Babcock can work some magic and find a way to push his team through their struggles. A loss on Thursday...not an option...if there ever was a must win.....

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  1. Really disappointed with this loss. The 2nd was such a dominate performance and then we couldn't score. What is up with the PK (like we haven't been saying that all season)?

    Sigh. Hoping for a much better Game 4.