Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Am I surprised?

No. No I am not surprised. In the deepest part of my soul, hidden far, far away, I knew this was a possibility. I knew that the schizophrenic Wings who have both simultaneously broken my heart and made me jump for joy could sure as hell do something like this.

The worst part. Well we get to listen to the media jump off the Wings bandwagon and hop aboard the Sidney Crosby Cocksucking Express for 2 days. Yeah, I must have punched a puppy or something in my past life to be subjected to this shit. And let me just say, I sure as hell hope the Wings who came out for Game 5 show up for Game 7....because that is the only way they are going to win. Osgood, Zetterberg, Helm, and Datsyuk cannot do it on their own despite their best efforts last night. And Ozzie....too bad the rest of his team didn't show up because you could tell he smelled blood. He wanted the cup.

I really don't want too talk to much about the game. Which is odd for me since I am generally long winded and obnoxiously wordy. But I'm a bit too bitchy for that today and it is far too nerve racking to relive. So here are just a few random thoughts.

After the game I was immediately pissed. I yelled at the TV questioned their commitment and was very openly hoping Ken Holland was packing up Hossa's bags to personally send his ass out of Michigan. But after sleeping on it, I don't think that they came out expecting to win. In fact, I think they were concerned that this very scenario would take place and as a result were far too cautious. Once again their desire for an advantageous matchup took precedent. As a result the defense seemed to be sitting on their heels the whole game. Far more concerned with the next change than supporting the forwards. A stark contrast from what we all watched in Game 5 where they were pinching at appropriate times....

And yes this leads to the Lebda/Filppula situation about a minute into the second period. Lebda pinches and so does freaking Filppula who is fully out of position for the 2 on 1. Was it a nice rebound for them from Ozzie? Yes, but the poor man can't do it on his own. Now if only the Wings would have taken advantage of the Pens pinching all night, given a nice long pass and taken the puck up the middle, this may have been a completely different morning.

Zetterberg had so many chances last night, but he just couldn't score. When his shot went off the post my heart stopped and I had a sinking feeling it just wasn't their night. Well it was either that or my Red Wings induced ulcer began to grow even larger....either way.

Quickly I would just like to point out that Samuelsson disappeared on the Kennedy goal. Yeah both him and Hossa.....fuck come on guys get your game together. After Kennedy put the Wings up 2-0, my dad called me all sorts of pissed off. He began yelling how Kennedy has what 5 goals this season and is better known for making out with his hockey stick than he is for his offensive prowless, and yet the Wings let him score in freaking Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Ummmmm yep, the the guy who likes to tongue fuck his hockey stick personally kicked every Wings fan in the balls....thanks.

A quick Hossa note. I think he's hurt. Or at least he better have some sort of excuse for his shitty play this post season. And when I say hurt, I mean something that would keep him out of the lineup under normal situations. Something like the catastrophic testicle injury Lidstrom dealt with for two games....something, because otherwise he is just not mentally tough enough to play for the Wings...

Yeah I have more to say, and maybe I will since there are two days off. But right now I'm done. The Wings have no one to blame but themselves for this loss. For 50 minutes they skated around with minimal or cautious effort and then expected to win it in the last 10 minutes. This is the freaking Stanley Cup Finals. That is not going to happen. They need to take a good long look in the mirror and decide how bad they want this, how they want their summers to pan out. And think about the fans who will be forced to endure a Sidney Crosby media gang bang if....oh fuck I can't even say it.

I just hope they reevaluate and remember their Dynasty is right in front of them. As cliche as it is, it's theirs to win and theirs to lose.

It's going to be a long day. But I guess this gives the Wings a chance to win it at home, in front of their own fans, at the Joe. Sidney Crosby said this:

“Our team has proven we’re a true team."

Well I have no fucking idea what that means or what the fuck the Wings have been playing for the past 6 games. But at least now they will be able to beat a"true team" into submission as opposed to what, Crosby's bitchy minions....who knows....


  1. Lebda on the ice is starting to scare me as much as Chelios.

    Game 7. Ugh. Game 7 Crap. Game 7. I'm going to go throw up now.

  2. How about Erickson & Rafalski? Erickson you are a defencemen, do your job. Too many giveaways. & Rafalski try hitting the net on your point shot. This is not Joe Louis! Fleury is good but there are rebounds.

    I am nervous.

  3. "Game 7. Ugh. Game 7 Crap. Game 7. I'm going to go throw up"

    hockeychic, I think that sums it up perfectly...

    "Rafalski try hitting the net on your point shot."

    I think my voice is gone today as a direct result of yelling that at the tv....

  4. and didn't the Tigers win yesterday?

  5. "and didn't the Tigers win yesterday?"

    Yes they did although when they blew it at first and had to go into extra innings I began to wonder if the hockey gods knew something we didn't. Either way....I'm glad the coincidental streak is broken.

  6. Just some numbers for you to consider. I'm going to be a mess Friday.

    Ignoring win order; considering site order: The team tied 3-games-all with Games 1-2 at home, Games 3-4 on the road, Game 5 at home, and Game 6 on the road (Detroit) has the following best-of-7 playoff Game 7 record through the 2009 NHL Semifinals:

    Game 7 record, NHL only, all rounds: 76-47 (.618)
    Game 7 record, NHL only, Finals round: 11-2 (.846)

    The Game 7 record for the Detroit Red Wings is 12-7 overall (with a three-Game 7 winning streak) and 11-4 on home ice.

    In the history of NHL Game 7s, home teams have an 80-48 overall record and a 12-2 Finals record.

    The last NHL team to win Game 7 of the Finals on the road was the Montreal Canadiens, over the Blackhawks in Chicago in 1971. Since then, home teams in Game 7 of the NHL Finals have a 6-0 record.

  7. There is nothing I would enjoy more on a Friday night than the thought of Sid "The Kid" suckling on the teet of Gary Bettman as he cries himself to sleep after another SCF loss.
    Reading this blog actually made me feel so much better for game 7. The Wings are well aware of where they fucked up. They are going to come out with fire. This isn't the 2008 Pens, I'll give them that, but the depth on the Wings is without measure.

    "Well we get to listen to the media jump off the Wings bandwagon and hop aboard the Sidney Crosby Cocksucking Express for 2 days."

    Oh...SO MUCH WORD!