Monday, June 1, 2009

Into Hostile Territory......

Now I know I have joked about Zetterberg bending Crosby and Malkin over to make them his bitches, but this....was a bit too literal.

Well this is going to be a quick and dirty game preview. Unfortunately I will be traveling all day tomorrow for work so I won't be around a computer. I certainly hope I won't come back to any big surprises...well nasty surprises anyway. Last time I was away during the playoffs, Kronwall was thrown out for a clean hit and Lidstrom was hurt. So yeah, it's about time for my mojo to change. I can't deal with that shit anymore. And if I begin receiving emails and text messages with bad news, I'm pretty sure my boss will look down on the resulting behavior...not to mention what the clients will think...

So the Wings are up 2 games to 0 in this series. And they certainly haven't played to their greatest potential. By far. But you have to credit their resolve. The first two lines have essentially cancelled each other out, and Detroit's depth players have once again stepped up and taken advantage of their opportunities.

All day today I have read about Pittsburgh fans and bloggers bitching and moaning about this being uncalled, that being uncalled, Detroit's supposed interference, and the mysterious Zetterberg left hand puck grab in the crease. I expected this type of response with Pittsburgh being down 2-0. What I didn't expect was the main stream media to jump all over the Penguins dick and bitch about the officiating. Apparently since the team with the "sexy" story isn't crushing the big bad Red Wings, it must be a direct result of the Wings interference, moving picks, and general evil behavior. From reading some things about Detroit, I would think the Wings ate puppies and peed in the cereal of small children. My response. Suck it. Over at A2Y they basically debunked all of the horrendous claims about Detroit, so there really isn't much more for me to add.

I think tomorrow will be the toughest game of the series. There is a lot stacking up against the Wings.

  • Pittsburgh feels as though they should be ahead in the series. Their sense of entitlement is greater than Ovechkin's ego. It's shocking actually.

  • Just like all teams coming back from the road they will feed off the energy of the crowd. True many will be preteen girls with a higher pitch scream than Abdelkader's goal celebration, but none the less the crowd will be like a 6th player.

  • I honestly fear the officials will be looking to even things up. They've heard the bitching and whining in the media. And I'm sure if it means one less time having to speak to bitch baby and powder his ass after a temper tantrum, then they may need to selfishly make that call.

  • Pittsburgh's emotions will be high and if they can harness the energy appropriately after last game the Wings may have their hands full.

  • And finally, I think the Wings are going to be tired. 3 games in 4 nights and with their injuries, it will probably effect them the most.

There is a lot stacking up against Detroit for this first game in Pittsburgh. But it's important not to underestimate their will and drive to win. Babcock had this to say about Zetterberg:

I believe he has a will tank deeper than anybody I've ever been associated with.

Yeah for some reason whenever I read that I immediately think about Vicky from the Real Housewives of Orange County (shut up don't judge me) and her desire for her husband to fill up her love tank....but anyway I digress.

Once you strip away the Babcockian wording, it's easy to see his point. And if Zetterberg exemplifies this quality, as a leader of the team, do you think the others won't feed off it?

There will be a great deal in play tomorrow night. Datsyuk is still out and he probably won't be back this season....the Wings organization seems to be less committal on his return. Yeah, and I've been told not to expect any miracles regarding his return. I've already had a personal freak out about that one....

Crosby was given a day off by his coach, his explanation:

"Every day doesn't need to be Sidney Crosby day,"

Finally someone in Pittsburgh who hasn't drank the koolaid. That may be my favorite Crosby related quote. However, I cannot imagine the league is very happy with that. To Gary and his evil legion of minions at least 3 hours a day are dedicated to worshipping the anointed one while seamlessly cursing his direct competition. Nothing personal, just a little idol worship.

For Detroit to win tomorrow they will need to find a way to break up Pittsburgh's strong forecheck while at the same time not turning the puck over so frequently in their own zone. Ozzie is going to need to be our less than elite goaltender, per the usual. And in addition to the Wing's depth stepping up, Detriot's top players need to break out offensively while continue to smother Pittsburgh's stars. And finally, keep pushing, keep chipping away at the Penguin's resolve and sanity. Not only will it be entertaining, but incredibly beneficial.

Hopefully I will have a recap late tomorrow. Depending on flights and how my day goes I may have to DVR the game. I'm hoping for good news....and a little more of this.....pretty please.

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  1. That's a hell of a picture. Someody should've warned Malkin not to drop the soap.