Saturday, June 6, 2009

No preview....No need

It's game 5. If you have read anything regarding the finals over the last day and a half, well than you know the Pens have already won the Stanley Cup. They have already beaten the big, bad, tired, unmotivated, bickering Red Wings. If you want to believe all the reports, this bitch will be wrapped up in 6 games and we will be forced to watch Sidney Crosby carry the cup over and over again, until I am left with no choice but to poke my eyes out with a dull object.

But what all the media and bloggers are failing to remember is the Stanley Cup finals are not about game to game momentum. It has nothing to do with past facts and statics or sexy predictions. It has everything to do with heart and will and determination. Did the Wings play like a big steaming pile of shit last game. Of course they did. Are they embarrassed, hell yes. This is a team of champions and they will fight through the adversity and play a strong game tonight.

I have read a number to times that because the Wings have previously won the cup, the motivation just isn't there. Are you fucking kidding me? You are bat shit crazy if you think they have sacrificed and worked to get to the finals, to once again play into June, just to now decide, it's not that important. Sorry you have greatly underestimated this team.

Rest assured the leadership, the veterans, and the young guns will be ready tonight. They will be ready to prove themselves. It should be a hell of a game.

And let me just leave you with this. This morning I woke up to this email:

Subject: Top Shelf Where Mama Hides the Cookies!!!!‏

Pens is 6!!!

Yep the little fuckers are confident. They feel it's wrapped up. The cups is theirs. Which will make a Wings victory that much more satisfying.

Let's Go Wings.

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  1. Cocky little bastards - getting lucky on the injury front and they don't even recognize it.

    I hate them - if I lived in a more open area, I'd be tempted to burn a penguin in effigy on my front lawn. Too close to other houses and buildings, though.