Friday, June 5, 2009

So what hurts worse than...

Update: And this, well this just made me sad.

"They looked frustrated, looked like they had no energy," Orpik said. "When you see that, you feed off it."

Even worse, Orpik said he noticed Red Wings players getting on each other.
"Which you never see out of those guys," he said. "It's something you don't expect from them or see too often. I guess, a good sign for us."

Best of 3 was painful, but remember this is a championship team. For our sanity and the sake of all that is holy they have to win. There is no way in hell I can watch Crosby carry the cup over and over and over again.

A kick to the balls? Obviously as a girl I'll never understand how painful that really is, but I'm sure what I'm feeling right now is about 10 times worse than that. Let me just begin by saying there is no way in hell I am doing a game recap. Nope. So if you were looking for one, sorry. This post instead will be filled with self indulgent bitching and just a sprinkle of heart ache. So please either stop reading or fuck off. Last night is something I just want to forget. It's like the first time you drank to excess, why would you want to relive that horrible feeling which essentially made you grope your own toilet?

I was never a journalist major, nor have I ever claimed I am a skilled writer. In fact I am convinced my 3 year old niece has better grammar than I do. So please, help me out. What is stronger than dispare, heart ache, disgust, bull shit. I don't know but whatever it is, that is probably what I am feeling about now. That game was brutal to watch. I think only Helm and Zetterberg came to play. Today, co-workers, clients, managers. Stay back. Give me space. They are all far too lucky I only have pens at my desk. To drill those through my temple would be too much work.....

So anyway my dad and I are really close. We get along great. But he is pissing me the fuck off right now. He has this theory that I was hoping the Wings would disprove last night. Ok so maybe theory isn't the correct word. Maybe I should say superstition. For the past few weeks, every time the Tigers win, the Wings win. When they lose, the Wings lose. Yeah I told you it is fucked up but strangely accurate. So yesterday afternoon, Phoenix time, when he didn't text me the Tigers score I knew something was wrong. I knew it wasn't going to be good. So I bit the bullet and called. Sure enough they lost and he has the audacity to tell me "well now you know how the Wings game will be." Is it appropriate to say shut your whore mouth to your dad? Probably not...

While the Wings and Tigers didn't break that streak, Hossa of course did break his game 4 domination streak. Because that is how he has been throughout the entire playoffs. Yeah, because I'm all sorts of bitchy right now, Hossa, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. See you later....I'm over it.

I know today will be brutal. I will have to live through ridicule and torture. When I got to my desk this morning there was a rubber octopus with a rope around it's neck...yeah where the hell do you buy a rubber octopus? To find that would take more effort than we saw from all the Red Wings combined in the second period...Oh and my "friend" with all the inside information. Well he thought it was appropriate to call this morning as well. Just to tell me I told you so. Just to let me know it was wrong to doubt him regarding the Datsyuk situation. Yeah fuck off too....Tyler from the Triple Deke mentioned he peed on random objects as a direct result of his excitement over Datsyuk returning. Well Tyler, as ladies we don't really pee on things to mark them, but I feel your pain. And can I just say, don't expect Datsyuk back....anyway that's what I'm being told and I refuse to doubt those around me again. The disappointment is too painful....I think I now understand the meaning of a dick tease...

We are now down to a best of 3 situation. The Wings lost all the momentum they had. I'm too depressed and hung over to speculate, but this is awful. I cannot believe they let themselves get to this point.....And to think I was concerned about missing Saturday's game because I would be playing games at a baby shower....guess that doesn't matter now.....fuck, it's going to be a long day.


  1. I just keep hoping I'll feel better. That second period started so well and then KABOOM. Ugh. Just ugh.

  2. What is stronger than dispare, heart ache, disgust, bull shit. I don't know but whatever it is, that is probably what I am feeling about now.

    Holy shit....

    We've been Prongered.