Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Random "Recap" and a Look to the Stars...Again

Wow. For the first time in a long time, I was absolutely speechless last night. What an effort. What a game. What a fantastic demonstration of true Red Wings hockey. They came in, knew what needed to be done, and with an extreme amount of determination they executed their plan phenomenally.

I'm far too excited, yes still, and the 2nd round starts too soon for me to do a real recap, but it won't stop me from a little shameless gushing about my favorite team. But before I do that, I would like to congratulate the Phoenix Coyotes. Sure I bitched about their cheap shots and the fact that they whine worse than my 3 year old niece when you tell her she's too young to say fuck off, but what a season. Once you remove the Great One from behind the bench, the team pulls together and executes Tippets plan. A great season.

Now moving onto the team we all love, the Red Wings. That was a complete 60 minute effort my friends. From drilling Bryzgalov with 16 shots in the first to scoring 4 goals in the second, and 2 more in the 3rd, yes that was a Red Wings win.

The power play, the penalty kill, they were text book. A free clinic for the masses without the penicillin.

The top players lead the way and set the tone and the 3rd and 4th lines came through in the third.

After the first Datsyuk goal there was a bit of a sigh across Red Wings nation. And then the second a little more relief. But it was after they killed the 5 on 3 penalty and after the Stuart breakaway goal, you knew the Wings were in the zone.

Really, this video says so much about last nights game and the opportunities throughout the rest of the playoffs.

Now onto round 2. Apparently Washington dethroned San Jose as the perennial choke artists and the Sharks look to be quite a challenge this off season. Yes the Wings were 3-1 this season against the top seed, but this team is not to be taken lightly. The defensive cracks which came out to butt fuck the Wings during the first round, cannot happen against San Jose. The teams too deep.

And since the Eagles are in town and the Wings play their first game tomorrow, below are the player horoscopes for 4/29....let's hope the stars are kind to us.

Player: Niklas Kronwall

Sign: Capricorn

4/29 Horoscope: Although you are often drawn toward a conservative approach, holding back now doesn't lead to increased stability. Paradoxically, exercising your freedom may be the most important tool you have in your ongoing search for creativity and fun.

My Take: Alright, this will be Kronwalls series and this game his opening act. He's been playing conservative, attempting to minimize risks. At times this has caused KronVall to make an apperance. But if he lets go and plays with the creativity and freedom he usually does, that bodes well for the Wings defense which will face a strong onslot from a talented San Jose team. Perhaps there will be a few Kronwalled moments...dare we dream.

Player: Justin Abdelkader AND Filppula

Sign: Pisces

4/29 Horoscope: You have a magical aura that wraps around you today, wherever you go. This energetic layer is powered by your imagination and it is only as strong as your current belief in yourself. Don't let logic or reality spoil your dreams. If you believe that anything is possible, then you won't be limited by restrictive rules or your own self-doubt.

My Take: Wow. What more could we ask for as Wings fans. Two players who consistently had a strong series seem set to continue that tomorrow. Filppula in particular has shown his imagination and creativity this season and apparently he's ready to fully display that tomorrow. And Abdelkader, he has to have some self confidence after the last few games against Phoenix. I like it.

Player: Darren Helm

Sign: Aquarius

4/29 Horoscope: It's apparently your turn to show off your brilliance today and you have no intention of being a shrinking violet. But your creative genius isn't reliable and you might find the spotlight shining on you while you have nothing to say. Don't try to fake it by pretending to share what's on your mind while actually hiding your true thoughts. Once you become comfortable with the idea of opening up, then the resistance to being seen begins to fade.

My Take: Yeah. That's a great horoscope.

Alright yes that was quick and dirty, but it still seems promising. I like it. And sure round 2 came quick but I kind of like that too. I'm hoping that the intensity will still be there and the Wings can at the very least split these first two games.

Round 2 starts tomorrow, are you fucking ready?


  1. i'm loathe to correct you, however i must say that if "asking the stars" is to work, you should at least know that it is spelled "onslaught"...

    since we want one, we ought give it its proper due, yes?
    after all, the 'yotes are dead to us. no need to "spel thigs fur dem", ya?

  2. Yes, I'm ready. Let's go RED WINGS!!!