Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Look to the Stars....Again....and Again

Since this has worked the last 2 games, I'm hoping the stars and AOL Horoscopes will help us out again. I didn't post them on Saturday before game 6 and we all know how Sunday went. Sigh. I hated Sunday.

Anywho, here's a look at tomorrow's horoscopes for some of our favorite players. Cross your fingers and toes.

Player: Patrick Eaves

Sign: Taurus

4/27 Horoscope: There could be a return to normalcy, with the Moon's visit to your 6th House of Daily Routine. Although you know that there are big changes unfolding at work, your smartest strategy is to simply do your job today without getting caught up in the big picture. It's impossible for you to know how everything will play out in the long run, so concentrate on keeping things as stable as you can for now.

My Take: Ok this one makes me happy. I'm still not riding a unicorn picking daisys in a valley happy (thanks to Sunday) but I like this horoscope for Patrick Eaves. Especially considering he is one of the key penalty killers. First, it tells us things will return to normal. Which can only mean one thing, the Wings will start to play like the motherfucking Red Wings and not that freaky pod team we've seen so much this season. Second, Eaves is a free agent after this season. Big changes could be coming to the Wings roster whether we feel confident about it or not. Eaves just needs to play hard and have a great game and use those thoughts of uncertainty as motivation. I like it.

Player: Niklas Kronwall

Sign: Capricorn

4/27 Horoscope: You can be quite strategic in your planning today, for your professional objectives are clear and you'll do whatever it takes to reach your destination. But nothing is as straightforward as it initially seems and as the day progresses you are required to balance your own needs with the needs of your friends and associates. Don't assume that your dreams are in line with everyone's. Nevertheless, continue to clarify your ambitions and work steadily to attain your goals.

My Take: Ah Kronwall. Between him and the Mule I've screamed at the TV more this series than I did all season. He certainly hasn't been up to par. And I hate saying that since he's always been one of my favorite players. The one thing about Kronwall, he always seems genuinely pissed when the Wings lose. He wants to win. His objective is clear. Perhaps how he helps the team achieve their goal is the only portion up in the air. Will he be the feared Kronwall with open ice hits, or will he be the offensive minded clutch goal scorer? There's no way to fucking tell, but if one of those Kronwall personalities makes an appearance, I feel pretty damn good about the Wings chances.

Player: Brad Stuart

Sign: Scorpio

4/27 Horoscope: You have more going on in your imagination today than anyone could possibly guess. Fortunately, you are able to hide your fantasies from everyone else without too much effort, but keeping your secrets will become more difficult as the day unfolds. Ultimately, your actions could give away your real feelings, especially if you've grown tired of pretending everything is okay when it's not. Letting the truth out little by little is wiser now than doing it all at once.

My Take: Yes I know this doesn't say much about the game tomorrow. But it may further prove the distraction that Karen Newman has become. I think it explains game 3 and 6.

Player: Jimmy Howard

Sign: Aries

4/27 Horoscope: Although you try to remain unbiased, you do know what you want and your feelings continue to intensify throughout the day. At first, the graceful Libra Moon assists in your process of finding equilibrium but you are unable to hold on to a detached point of view once it enters Scorpio. Be willing to let go of your previous expectations in order to make room for something new to enter your life.

My Take: It's time for Jimmy to let go of Game 6 and the desire he had to bring Hockeytown to the second round. If he refocuses and moves on, he can still accomplish his goal in Game 7. One thing to say about Jimmy, the kid seems to thrive on adversity. He bounces back and dare I say rebounds quite well. The Wings will need him focused and able to do so again on Tuesday.

Player: Justin Abdelkader AND Filppula

Sign: Pisces

4/27 Horoscope: Your performance at work today makes your friends see how determined you are, but you have more going on than meets the eye. Although they might think you are trying to impress them, you are actually pushing yourself to accomplish as much as you can while you still feel in control. Keep in mind that although everything seems to be very intense, you have a couple of weeks to organize yourself before the window of opportunity begins to close.

My Take: Both Adelkader and Filppula have had fantastic series. Abby has brought a physical presence and as witnessed by Morris' cheap shot and unprovoked attack on our favorite MSU alum, he has started to piss off some Coyotes. Top that with the goal he scored and the kid has made his presence known. If everyone plays on Tuesday with even half of his determination, I like the Wings chances.

And Filppula, wow. It has certainly been a turning point season for him. I'm pretty sure he's attempting to compete for a spot on Babcock's man crush list. Keep it up.

Player: Darren Helm

Sign: Aquarius

4/27 Horoscope: You are able to see the benefits along with the potential pitfalls of your current plan, but negative thoughts won't deter you from trying to get ahead now. At first, your friends might wonder if you're playing a game, but as the plot thickens they realize how important your success is to you at this time. Don't back down just because you're worried about what everyone else thinks. For now, persistence is your best guarantee of success.

My Take: First of all. Please be ok Darren Helm. Pretty please. I'm not sure I'm ready for a game where Detroit's faster player, possibly the only person who will consistently out skate the puck, is not available to play. I'm hoping those piece of shit pussy Coyotes haven't taken him out of the game. Because if they haven't, I like this horoscope. Just like Abdelkader, he's determine and he I hope the rest of the team will feed off of this.

And there it is. The short, quick, and dirty player horoscopes for 4/27. As long as the Red Wings decide it is important enough to TRY, we should feel pretty confident. Well, at least thats what I tell myself.


  1. Based on your take are you sure that horoscope for Brad Stuart isn't really for RWBill over at A2Y?

  2. It certainly could be for RWBill....when is his birthday? ;)