Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Fantastic 1 Minute and 16 Seconds

No your eyes are not deceiving you. It does appear that Kronwall is milking Meech's nipple. I don't often use pictures here at Bingo Bango. One because I'm too lazy and two because of shit like this. Someone had mentioned that it may jazz up my posts if I throw in a picture or two. So I decided to give it a shot and put up a picture of Kronwall in honor of his one goal and one assist and mostly because he made it out of the game alive. So here's what I found. You're welcome.

Anywho moving along. I missed most of the first period due to the three hour time difference and a little thing I like to call work. When I finally arrived to the comfy confines of my home, I turn on the game to see Eaves deliver a hard, yet clean hit. Per the usual, Columbus took exception and Eaves was forced to fight in a meaningless game. Luckily according to Mickey and his astute powers of mind reading, it wasn't much of a fight as the Columbus player (yes I didn't bother to look up his name) realized Eaves was tougher than he looked. Either way nice to see him defend himself and Helm step up for him as well.

That fight however was the most interesting thing I saw in the first period. Aside from that the Wings played tentative and uninspired. The period ended with Columbus up 2-1.

Below are my random thoughts about that game. And I promise, no more milking. Even if you can milk anything with nipples.

  • Before the start of the second period, the Detroit Feed cut to a shot of Kronwall on the bench having his face gently rubbed by another player. I have no idea who the fuck it was but strange none the less.
  • Much of the second period consisted of turnover after turnover and sloppy play in the neutral zone. It was everything that I feared this game would be.

  • However, the Cleary, Eaves, Helm line was fantastic. They had some great opportunities. This line has the speed and now a scoring touch. It's a third line most people would be jealous of. Not to mention Helm and Eaves seem to read each other really well, I think they need a nickname.

  • Lilja had the play of the game when he dove behind a flopping and sprawling Jimmy to save a goal. And how important that turned out to be as it would have been the game tying goal. So many people talk about how Franzen has been the difference maker since he's come back. And there's no denying the positive effects he's had. But you can't discount having Lilja on the third pairing, the pk, and what that means to this team. Please just look back a few months to the Lebda, Meech nonsense we all survived....barely.

  • After Lilja's moment in the sun, there were some more turn overs, arrant passes, and inconsistent play

  • Howard then had a huge save on an Umberger chance (that guy seriously scares the shit out of me) I believe James was inspired by Lilja and didn't want to lose his starting job to Keatings newest man crush.

  • Kronwall was hit hard in the second and I panicked. I admit it. I'm women enough to say that I thought the worst and may or may not have overreacted. I said on TOV that I think it's important that the Wings win a game before the playoffs, but it's even more important that they play well and avoid .....well avoid exactly what I don't want to say due to fear of jinxing them. When Kronwall did come back out to play I'm pretty sure Mick was as relieved as the Tin Foil Hat Society. He said something along the lines of "Kronner out which is good news Kenny Boy." So yes we learned that Mickey uses player nicknames and does have a soft spot for Kenny Boy Daniels.

  • Mason played like 2008/2009 Mason. A fantastic game for him. Not sure where this play came from but I'm sure his team would have loved to see it earlier in the year. Steve Mason should be the poster boy for sophomore season collapses. I hope that Babcock is posting pictures of him in Jimmy's locker along with corresponding stats and other terrifying facts to ensure our James doesn't follow down the same path.

  • At this point in the second, I will admit I was irritated. (I know, shocking right?) I kept thinking, if they're going to lose, at least play well and avoid bad habits.

  • Luckily the second period ends with an amazing Datsyuk pass to Homer and an even better save by Mason. Some hope was restored.

  • As I said before, Helm's line had a good game, and so did Datsyuk's. Especially when things started to pick up in the third period. That line had more scoring opportunities than I can remember, they just couldn't get it passed Mason.

  • That is until the penalty that should not have been. (Cue the menacing music). In the third Ericsson being the coordinated bastard that he is, trips over himself and falls down. The linesmen was either stealing Murphs flask while Larry was passed out during commercial breaks, or he had a REALLY bad angle. Either way, a crappy call. This doesn't happen the Wings favor too often, normally they're on the other side, but I bitch about the refs when they rape the Wings, so I'll be an equal opportunity bitcher.

  • Anyway, on this penalty Homer scores to tie the game. Cheers erupt, people are happy. Initially everyone thought it was a Zetterberg goal. But upon further review, we see that not only was Homer in the crease (which I know is not the end all be all) but the puck also went in off his foot. Yes folks his foot. Thanks to a little Larry Murphy moonshine, the refs didn't notice and the play wasn't even reviewed. Unfuckingbelieveable.

  • Well you can be sure that Columbus noticed and they began screaming, shouting, and throwing a fit worse than a housewife who found a slutty shade of lipstick on her husbands shirt. The refs weren't going to take that shit, and gave Umberger a two minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • And Boom (ala douch extraordinaire Patrick Kane) Lidstrom scroes 40 seconds later on the ensuing penalty. I'm sure you can imagine that the BJs were super calm and zen like about that shit.

  • To make matters even better for them, Cleary (wait did I mention I love that line) scores to make the game 4-2 off a fantastic passing play.

  • That's 3 goals in 1:16 folks. Suck on that.

  • Well until Ericsson decides he's Lidstrom and attempts to make a defensive play he's not qualified to even think about leading to another Columbus goal, thus ending the game at 4-3.

I will say it wasn't the Wings best effort for most of the game. Luckily they took advantage of the opportunities in the third and came through with the win. I understand the game wasn't "meaningful" but I hope in the remaining two games they can keep the intensity up and not lose focus before the playoffs. This push to get in had to be both physically and mentally demanding. When the new season starts, hopefully all the lines will be established and they'll be ready.

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