Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh For Fucks Sake, Are You Ready?

Yep so I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Game 7 is here and this could possibly be my last pregame post of the season. And I'm not ready for that. I'm not ready for Red Wings hockey to be over. So today I'll be pacing, I'll be grumpy, and I'll be waiting for this fucker to start. It's gotten to the point where my manager now jokes that on game days she's going to schedule all my meetings where I either need to negotiate or be "assertive." Yes I'm that cranky with anticipation.

Last game the Wings were bent over worse than Crosby during an afternoon love making session with Bettman. Not only did the Coyotes out work them, but they threw in a number of cheap shots for good measure. And now it's up to the Wings. Now they need to remember both the humiliation as well as the anger from Sunday's abortion.

But rest assured. Because as you can see in the picture below, the future captain has some determination. He's willing to drive hard to the net and put in the dirty work other skill players shy away from. Anyone willing to take this sort of punishment isn't ready for the season to be over.

And there's always Todd Bertuzzi. He doesn't even need to get involved in scrums. His mere stare will eat a soul in 33 seconds flat. That's a secret weapon right there.
Sunday Brad Stuart looked like a ghost from Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals past. It was an awful afternoon for him. And yet, I don't think he's ready for the season to end. And this first period shortie from Game 6. Sure Jimmy may forget the disappointment, but he will remember enough not to let that happen again.

Remember, there's always Filppula. If he could have won the game by himself on Sunday he would have. Consistent winning hasn't left him jaded. He's ready to add another Stanley cup to his list of accomplishments.

And in addition to Filppula there's always Justin Abdelkader. Ahhhh yes, a Spartan. A Michigan State boy who willing went back down to the minors to put his time in waiting for this opportunity with the big club. You think this guy wants to go home early? Do you think he's going to forget about Derek Morris' balless cheap shot from Sunday. Probably not.
Datsyuk. What more do you need to say other than his name. There's no one in the league like him. And just look at the fear on the Coyote's face.

With this group of Red Wings, I hope to see this all over the ice tonight. Coyotes crying in the fetal position because their season just came to an end.
You have to like the Wings chances. Especially with a psychotic face like this in net.
I hope to be back later with some pregame updates if the stress doesn't kill me first.
It's game 7 boys and girls. Are you fucking ready to do this?


  1. This pictures are good, esp. "psychotic" Jimmy! Wish the pics were larger though. :)

  2. Everyone I have spoken to on the phone has told me to "have a good day". I want to tell them that I won't know if its a good day until 11 pm tonight after a Wings win.

  3. Please tell me you have tickets for the game tonight. You are such good luck for the team!

    I have to work late and the game will probably be over by the time I get home. I'm a complete mess and I have to act all professional. All aboard the Stress Train!

  4. @Gander,I wish the pictures were bigger as well. Blogger is the bane of my existance. Half way through my first attempt at this post, blogger freaked out from the pictures and deleted everything. After cursing repeatedly, I gave it another shot with smaller pics. Oh technology....

    @Amerinadian, I'm with you. I hope this day ends well and I make it through work hours without snapping at too many people ;)

    @hockeychic, no tickets to the game for me tonight. I never dreamed it would get to a game 7 so I didn't preorder in time. I'm just hoping for some good mojo or juju or whatever from the AOL horoscopes.