Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Luckily there's a Censor Button

The new episode of The Obstructed View is up and running. I had the honor of joining the always entertaining Chris Hollis from Motown Wings, the knowledgeable Joe Burkel from Red Wings Guy, and the apparently foul mouthed Tyler from The Triple Deke.

It was quite a show where we touched on a number of topics including possible playoff matchups and some listener questions. Overall a fun show to be a part of, I only wish I were a more active participant....that damn allergy medicine really kicked my ass.

Perhaps the biggest take away is a new Tyler inspired contest. Check out The Obstructed View for all of the details. All I will say is, he may have made me look like a squeaky clean angel, which is hard to do....alright that's an exaggeration but it still should be a very interesting contest. Personally, I think he was still overcome by the scent of Henrik Zetterberg and just wasn't thinking clearly.


  1. Oh I can't wait to see what we get from the listeners.

    And I'm not sure anybody can make you look like a squeaky clean angel, but I suppose that is all part of your charm and appeal. :)

  2. When is the voting over and when do I get to hear the secret swear word that is going to officially become Jason Williams' nickname throughout the playoffs?