Thursday, October 8, 2009


Whew. The Wings finally get their first win of the season and I finally have time to sit down and get back to blogging. I've been on a bit of a hiatus recently, but it's mid October, hockey season is in full swing and I'm back....

And apparently so are the Red Wings, finally winning their first game of the season. I can't remember where I read it, but this season is the first time in 20 years that the Wings lost their first two games. Yeah who knows what the fuck that means, good, bad, indifferent..I don't know ask me in March, all I know is it's good to have hockey back. And that first game at the Joe, well it was won in traditional Red Wings style....what, you don't agree?

Well lets look at the facts....

Kris Draper scored a goal....and it wasn't a total fluke or complete garbage goal

A Red Wing player got in a fight, and of course he walked away without breaking his face and with the W.

The Wings once again demonstrated how no team in the league can rival their European dump and chase style of play

Their goalie was phenomenal AND the difference maker

They killed an almost full two minute 5 on 3.

The Wings were outshot by their opponents

Yeah it was a bizarre game. You might as well have said Howard had a shut out and Bertuzzi scored a hot trick after Zetterberg beat up Campbell and Maltby scored a short handed goal...oh wait that has happend already this season...They certainly are keeping it interesting.

Ok that seems bitchy and it wasn't my intention. I'm glad that Detroit was able to shake off any jet leg and the 'rough' games in Sweden to come away with a win, but they still don't seem to be the Wings of the past few years. They're playing tight, a bit overly cautious, and for most of the game they are not controlling the tempo.

My hope is that with time, the new lines will gel, Dangle Dangle will be able to break his scoring draught, and Jimmy Howard learns how to be an NHL goalie.

Other random thoughts from the game:

Kronwall was phenomenal. In my opinion a star of the game. From his hits to his shot blocking, a great night for Nik Jr.

Ozzie. Ozzie. Yeah enough said.

Sharp found another way to kick Lidstrom and the whole team in the balls by scoring in the first two minutes of the second. No reports of damaged testicles however.

Ericsson is 2 for 3 in games with an ankle injury....however Babcock declared he is perfectly fine...yeah I feel like I've heard that before.

Lidstrom scored his 998 career point

And Mickey Redmond of course had the line of the night "Wow. Kopecky with two shots already. That's more than he had in a week and a half in Detroit." Yeah Chicago, you can have him.

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