Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I guess he thought why the hell not?

Far be it for me to question Mike Babcock. The man has lead the Wings to two consecutive Stanley Cup Finals. Yzerman trusts him enough to make him coach of Team Canada, and the moment I question anything about Yzerman is when I deserve to have bamboo shoots shoved up my finger nails (ok that was extreme...) I'm not on the fire Babcock bandwagon which seems to be loading up faster than Lindsey Lohan at a night club. (Now McCrimmon is another story, he seems to fit nicely in my scapegoat category.)

But I will say I don't exactly agree with the decision to bench Helm in place of Abdelkader and Mays. Sure Helm has had a slow start and he doesn't seem to have the impact he did during the playoffs. But he is still strong on the forecheck, and is important on the PK. He needs time to recover from his injury and work through the first few games. This is essentially his training camp. I worry that this could be a confidence killer.

Yet at the same time, I trust Babcock to push the players as necessary, and maybe this is what Helm and the team as a whole needs.

Oh fuck it, bring on the tequila tonight.


  1. Yeah this is pretty weird. It has to be health related right? They're totally lying about it being a healthy scratch. There's no way. This is too strange.

  2. I was wondering the same thing. He's been hitting, but not as much as he usually does. My off the wall thought, they are either benching him because they know he isn't 100%, or his play is affected from the injury and he just hasn't shared all the details with the team.....either way, I still feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone this season.....