Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's only just begun

I hate when people do this. I hate when you're out on the golf course and it's getting competitive, you've had a few bad shots, they've had a few bad shots, and suddenly your friend or when your in the heat of the battle, that motherfucker, decides to call a mulligan. I immediately think you mother......lame, weak, pathetic....

Well fine call me all those things, but can we please have a do over for this season? Can we call that one mulligan? Just start over. Take another stab at the games in Sweden and never ever let Johan Franzen play against Chicago in October. That and like the poor guy at the bar with the really bad drunk goggles who wakes up next to the girl that smells like cabbage and bacon...yeah it would be nice to pretend like last night didn't happen.

Not only did the Wings get spanked worse than the new guy in jail, Datsyuk received an upper body injury for his troubles and Kronwall sustained a lower body injury. Seriously guys. Seriously. All Bettman has to do for masturbation material now is read the Wings press clippings....

Babcock of course thinks they'll be fiiiiiiine. But I can't get my hopes up. If Kronwall can't play that means both Meech and Lebda will be in. Might as well bend over now.

I don't even want to speculate on Dastyuk. I just hope he is ok to play and he and Zetterberg finally regain their Eurotwin greatness...During the Washington game Datsyuk showed why he is the reining Selke winner, he just needs to be in top form more often. 1 out of 5 just won't cut it.

Tomorrow night the Wings have a chance for redemption. They play the Kings. If time permits and work stops kicking my ass, I will have a pregame write up. If not, I'll just cross my fingers and toes that the Wings from last Saturday show up...

Until then, I still propose we act like my friend did the other night when I was demoralizing him during a game of NHL 10, unplug the xbox and start the season over??

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