Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Worthless Preview

Unfortunately this has become quite a routine here recently, but this preview is devoid of any real deep analysis. Work has decided as of late to personally come back and kick my ass....not sure what I did to piss off Karma, but from this blog alone the possibilities are endless...anywho, if you're still reading, bless you, because below are a few quick points on the Canucks and the game tonight.

Hold on tight boys and girls, this is the night we get to watch, the most amazing goalie in the entire world, the savior of the position, Jesus Christ on skates, and Weather Channel star....the one, the only, Robert Lugano. (please insert golf claps and finger snaps) Oh that's right tonight we will witness live, the goalie who has won, well nothing, but can shed a crocodile tear faster than a teenager caught stealing their parents car ROBERT LUGANO.....seriously I think it is the obligation of every member of the media assigned the Canucks beat to either A) bend over in his holy presence, or B) get on their knees. The love fest is non stop.

Apparently Kyle Wellwood is fat. Personally I think he ate the Jonny Ericsson we all grew to know from last years playoffs and just hasn't fully digested him yet.

I never knew that the Canucks have only been to the finals twice, and each time they have lost to a New York team. Yep pointless fact but interesting to me.

Daniel Sedin is out with a broken foot. In other news, his brother Henrik is suffering from a broken heart....how is he supposed to spend a 60 minute game without his other half??

And now for the real nut stompper. Samulesson, ahhh yes the very same Samulesson who's shot in years past was more likely to break Cleary's face or invade the Canadian border than hit the back of the net is leading the Vancouver team with 5 goals. For fucks sake this season is bizarre...but rest assured, Homer is leading the Wings in goals, and Maltby is leading them with the best shooting percentage. Enough said.

During yesterday's practice Babcock decided to split up the Leino-Filppula-Williams line. That's right the most consistent line of the season may not play together tonight, but with the Twilight Zone theme of this season, perhaps it will be a positive.

I am however sad to say the one change that everyone has been screaming to take place (*cough splitting up Lebda and Ericsson *cough) does not appear to be the cards. As usual Matt at On The Wings has the full analysis.

Be back tomorrow with a wrap up of the game. For fucks sake can it be positive for once???

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  1. Oh you are so right on about Luongo. This is a great preview and had me laughing. Is it game time yet?